10 Brands This Week

10 Top Brands this Week

Which consumer brands are opening up big opportunities? Here are ten top spending brands who’ve recently started campaigns or increased their buying behaviors.

new axe ad


Axe has spent $1.8mm in 2021 to date across national television and print formats. Their television spend accounts for 92% of their spend, and began in February, with new creative promoting “New” Axe. This campaign started last week.

Schick Hydro ad

Schick Hydro

Schick Hydro invested just under $2mm in 2021 entirely on national television advertising. Their new creative, promoting their new “stubble eraser” launched mid-February, appearing on ESPN, TBS, and Comedy Central. Their ad spend is up over 100% week-over-week.

calia fitness apparel ad with carrie underwood


CALIA by Carrie Underwood. This sportswear line has invested $1.2mm in 2021 to date, entirely in cable television. CALIA launched new television creative in February, appearing on HGTV, Lifetime, Food Network and others. Week-over-week their spend is up over 100%.

skechers x jgoldcrown collab ad


Skechers has spent over $11mm year-to-date, across print and national television. They have spent 64% in print publications like Better Homes & Gardens, Good Housekeeping, Shape, and Real Simple. Week-over-week, their spend is up 36%.

dog brew by busch ad


Busch has invested all of their 2021 ad spend in national television spots. Not surprisingly, most of the investment was in NASCAR programming. They also bought advertising on Bob’s Burgers and Raw Travel. Week-over-week their spend has increased 137%.

miller lite ad

Miller Lite

Though this beer brand has invested 95% of their 2021 ad spend into national television, they are also buying print and Snapchat. They are investing in these formats earlier in the year than in 2020. Week-over-week their spend has increased 144%.

Reeses Easter chocolate ad with chick in a basket


In preparation for the upcoming Spring season, Reese’s released a new campaign last week. They also expanded their peanut butter eggs campaign across OTT and national television. Week-over-week their spend is up 7%.

Campbells cream of mushroom soup ad

Campbell's Condensed

This soup brand has spent nearly $5mm across national TV, Snapchat, and OTT in 2021 to date. They've invested with networks like CBS, Food Network, HGTV, and others. Week-over-week their spend is up 171%.

Allegra ad


Allegra has increased their spend by 46% in January and February 2021 YoY. They are dedicating 10% of their annual spend to date to digital display, a marked departure from their distribution of spend last year during the same period, where their digital formats made up less than 1% of their entire spend. Week-over-week, their spend is up over 100%.

Botox Ad

Botox Cosmetic

This cosmetic treatment has spent nearly $12mm in national television so far in 2021. They’ve invested with CBS, Bravo, ABC, TV Land, and others. Week-over-week they've increased their spend by 37%.

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