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5 Quick Ways to Get Your Sales Email Opened

5 Quick Ways to Get Your Sales Email Opened

You’ll never make a sale if no one reads your email. And no one will ever read your email if they don’t open it in the first place.

Some of your prospects receive a few hundred emails every day, making it extremely hard to immediately stick out in their inbox.

Beyond the little bit of luck that it takes for your prospect’s eyes to actually see your email in their inbox, there are some actions that you can take to make sure that there attention stays there, and that they are driven to click.
While you can never guarantee that a prospect will open an email, there are some best practices that you can follow to give your email the best possible chance of being opened. Today, we’re going to look at some of those best practices.

Below, see five quick ways to get your sales email opened by the prospects you desire the most.

1. Experiment with timing.

Your prospect is never going to open your email if they don’t see it at the right time.

Think about your own inbox… On a Monday morning, when you come in and begin cleaning your inbox from a weekend full of emails, what are the odds that you’ll click on an email from a sales person looking to start a conversation? Not great.

You’d most likely run through the emails with familiar addresses first.

It’s most important to experiment with your email send times, however. Typically, Tuesday through Thursday are the best days for sending emails, but you can never truly know until you try for yourself. So, experiment a little bit. Try a few different send times with the same prospect and see if there’s a noticeable difference at specific points of the day/week.

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2. Write a catchy subject line.

Writing an effective subject line is obviously an essential part of getting any email opened. In fact, your subject line is probably the most influential thing in leading to a click.

Think of how your prospect will prioritize their hectic inbox… What would make them undoubtedly click? A catchy subject line.

Don’t be afraid to put some time into your subject line. While it’s obviously crucial to put the right amount time into your email body, carefully take the time to gauge the true benefit of your email, and then make that benefit known in the subject line – there’s no reason to wait until the body of your email to impress your prospect.

Also make sure that your subject line sets the proper stage for the body of the email. While it’s sometimes fun to include a pun or joke in your subject, also be sure that it relates to the real message you want to get across. Your subject line should imply to the reader that they need something from your email. Make them feel as though they need to click.

3. Don’t neglect the preview text.

While your subject line is the most important part of the email, it’s also important not to neglect the preview line that appears after the subject. The preview text is another great place to be yourself, maybe include a number, or something memorable that will make your prospect open your email.

This is the first thing that follows your subject line. It’s the first place where you can provide some backup to your amazing subject line, and to give your prospect a little more context into what they’d see if they were to click.

4. Be personal.

The first part of this one, is to literally be yourself when sending an email – use your own name as the sender address. Your prospect is much more likely to open an email from an individual’s name opposed to a company name or something less personal.

Being personal could also mean that you include your prospect’s first name in your subject or preview lines. You may also want to say something in your subject and preview lines that connects specifically to your prospect’s business.

One of the most important factors in being personal is doing the proper research to know who you’re writing to before drafting an email. If you have a tight grasp on your prospect and their needs, you can super specific as to how you may help them.

5. Be different.

In almost any sales situation, it’s very important to do something that sets you apart. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t always get in front of a prospect to actually do that different-thing. Our way around that is to do something different right from the start.

For example, send your email at uncommon times. Most sales tip blogs would tell you to send your emails early in the day. The issue with that? That’s what everyone is doing, which can make it even harder to stand out among the rest.

While you should always experiment with different send times, consider sending your email off-hours to catch your prospect’s eye. Make this apart of your experimentation, because in sales, it’s important to do almost whatever it takes to stand out to prospects.