Top 5 Media & Entertainment Brands

Media & Entertainment: 5 Top Increases in Spend


Companies with the highest Week-over-Week lift in spend. In all cases, this looks at the leap from just the one week prior.

fanduel logo


In March and April to date, FanDuel spent $28.2mm in national television advertising. These TV commercials account for 86% of their total ad spend in March and April. They also invested $3.8mm into digital and print ad space. Week-over-week their spend is up 23%. Learn More

Fixer Upper Welcome Home Logo

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home

This home improvement show from Discovery+ spent nearly $500k in national television advertising in April to date. Their spots air on Fox, HGTV, SyFy Channel, CBS, and others. Week-over-week their spend is up 790%. Learn More

Peloton Mobile App logo

Peloton Mobile App

In April, Peloton invested $9.4mm into national television and $1.1mm into OTT to promote their mobile app. Their OTT spend accounts for 11% of their total spend this month, running on Hulu and Bravo. Week-over-week their spend is up 53%. Learn More

AMC Plus Logo


Thus far in 2021, AMC+ invested $2.1mm into digital and national television ad space. The largest segment of their spend ($1.2mm) is allocated to their direct and programmatic digital campaigns. They ran with Fandom Wikia, Reddit, TwitchTV, and others. Week-over-week their spend is up 635%. Learn More

DraftKings Sportsbook Logo

DraftKings Sportsbook

This fantasy sports league invested $10.3mm into OTT ads during the first quarter of 2021. OTT accounts for 34% of their first quarter spend. Week-over-week their spend is up 23%. Learn More


This analysis looks at ad placement in national broadcast & cable TV, digital (desktop & mobile), podcasts, weekly and monthly magazines, and daily newspapers in the largest 25 DMAs.

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