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MediaRadar’s Recession-Ready Weekly Ad Spend Overview: Media and Tech See WOW Increase in Ad Sales

The media landscape is changing faster than ever. As we feel the impact of the recession, MediaRadar is monitoring which advertisers are shifting ad spend each week. This will give you the most updated view of the ad sales landscape.

Here is a full list of advertising change by category. (Don’t worry, it’s ungated)

Here are some key takeaways from advertising shifts that took place Media & Entertainment is a category experiencing growth at the end of 2022. While there are many drivers, the data revealed subscription streaming services, game titles, and drama shows increased this week. All were up over 15% WoW.

The holiday season brings new premieres and returning shows being advertised.

*Others: Book publishers, Media Groups, Newspapers, Podcasts, TV networks.

The Technology category is experiencing an uptick in ad spend this week. The holidays are a great time to give the latest gadgets and other tech. Consumer electronics was up 25%+ this week, while Telecommunications providers were up 100%+: Cell phones, and prepaid wireless providers bumped ad spending. ‘Tis the season to secure and protect because home security systems increased as well

*Others:  Laboratory Equipment, Security Technology, Educational Technology, Sensors/Meters, Financial Service Technology, Software, Display Technology, Technology Holding Company/Conglomerate

The Pharma category experienced a week-over-week increase in advertising investment despite a decrease in arthritis prescriptions medication which is a top driver. Ad spend prescriptions were up over 50% WoW with diabetes and HIV/ AIDS prescriptions increasing WoW. Pharma companies were up over 10% as well.

*Others: Beauty Supplements, Biotechnology, Biopharmaceutical, Dental Products, Medical Supplies

MediaRadar observed an increase in Finance advertising from week to week. Insurance, typically a driver within Finance, expanded their ad budget this week over 150%. We noticed real estate, also part of the finance category increased advertising over 125% WoW.

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