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MediaRadar’s Recession Ready Weekly Advertising Overview: Kids & Pets advertisers increase ad spend

Week of January 2, 2023

This week MediaRadar reviewed ad buys from the week of December 19, 2022 and compared them to ads that ran the week of December 12, 2022. 

While we highlighted four categories in this article, you can see the shifts in ad spend among all categories here. We look at Quarter-Over-Quarter (QoQ), Month-Over-Month (MoM) and Week-Over-Week (WoW).

Here is a full list of advertising change by category. (Don’t worry, it’s ungated)

Here are some key weekly takeaways from advertising shifts that took place.

MediaRadar saw Services advertisers increase over 10% WoW and invested $50mm – $75mm. As the new insurance calendar year approaches, it’s not surprising to see medical and dental services, a typical services driver, increase spend over 50% WoW. Health and fitness services advertisers also jumped 50%+ WoW. 

*Includes 10 services categories ranging from Auction Services to Staffing & Recruiting Services.
  • We saw pet advertisers invest $1.5mm to $2mm with over 1000% WoW increase. Both pet food and pet supplies contributed to the surge in advertising for the furry, feathered and scaled extended family members.

There was $3.5mm to $4mm invested in advertising Athletics, which is over a 1000% WoW increase. Fitness equipment and golf clubs both contributed to the increase – advertisers may want to snag last minute shoppers while gearing up for New Year’s resolutions.

Baby/children advertisers invested $5mm to $7.5mm and increased advertising 20% WoW. During both weeks of December 12th and 19th all of the advertising pertained to toys/games, which are great gift ideas to excite kids during the holidays.

For a full breakdown of which product categories are buying ads now, click here. The list is updated each week – you can subscribe to receive it in your inbox.