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Motorola, CAE and Mastercard in the News

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This week Motorola moves deeper into critical communications, CAE expands its flight training network and Mastercard invests in fraud prevention.

Motorola Strengthens its Position in Critical Communications

Motorola Solutions, Inc. acquired dispatch solution service provider Avtec, Inc. last week. The smaller company is best known for advancements in business critical communications across a variety of industries. Avtec’s two-way radio dispatch system will help Motorola expand its portfolio in public safety and communications projects.

The deal doesn’t come as a surprise in light of Motorola’s string of acquisitions – especially the $445 million deal for VaaS International earlier this year.

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CAE Expands its Footprint in Aviation Training

Industry simulation specialist CAE, Inc. purchased the flight and technical training operations unit of Bombardier, Inc. The $645 million deal added 12 training simulators to CAE’s already vast national training network – not to mention a pool of pre trained employees and a portfolio of engaged customers.

The move allows CAE to expand its footprint in the aviation training market – which is growing quickly.

Mastercard Invests in Fintech for Fraud Prevention

Mastercard announced its acquisition of Toronto-based fintech company Ethoca. The company’s network of thousands of merchants and financial institutions makes fraud detection possible in real time.

The deal positions Mastercard scale its fraud protection and management offerings with Ethoca’s existing technology and systems. “Advancements in technology are enabling us to transform the experience for our customers,” said Ajay Bhalla, president of cyber and intelligence solutions for Mastercard. “Ethoca is a strong addition to our multilayered cyber strategy, helping customers take immediate action against fraud and eliminate chargebacks before they can occur.”

The deal was just announced and is expected to close in Q2 2019.

Bonus: Israel-based Mellanox Technologies is being acquired by NVIDIA for nearly $7 billion, one of the largest deals for an Israeli company to date. The networking products will strengthen NVIDIA’s move into the business of data centers.