Top Brand List - Fashion

Top 7 Fashion Brands: Tissot, Vans, Athleta & more

Top 7 Fashion Brands with the highest week-over-week lift in spend. In all cases, this looks at the leap from just the one week prior.



Tissot spent $1.4mm in television, digital, and print ad space this year. They launched a new television campaign at the beginning of May. Tissot invested $765k with ESPN. Week-over-week their spend is up over 100%.



In May, Vans spent $615k on digital advertising. Focusing on social advertising, their monthly ad spend is split almost evenly between Snapchat and Facebook. Week-over-week their spend is up 136%.



During the second quarter of 2021, Hanes invested $593k into television, digital, and print advertising. They invested $119k into programmatic campaigns with Target, Kohl’s, MTV, and others. Week-over-week their spend is up 128%.



This athleisure brand from Gap spent $1.26mm in digital advertising since the beginning of April. Seventy-six percent of their digital spend was allocated to Facebook. Their remaining $275k digital ad spend was invested with CNN, The New York Times, Refinery29, and others. Week-over-week their spend is up 579%.

mack weldon

Mack Weldon

In May, Mack Weldon invested $336k into television and podcasting ad space. Their $288k TV advertising accounts for 86% of their monthly spend. Their remaining $47k was invested into podcasts, appearing on The Tim Ferriss Show. Week-over-week their spend is up 72%.

hoka one one

Hoka One One

Hoka One One invested $230k into print and digital ad space in April and May. Their running shoe ads can be seen in Experience Life and Women’s Running . Week-over-week their spend is up 676%.

under armour

Under Armour

In May, Under Armour invested 72% of their spend into Facebook. With the remaining $108k ad spend, Under Armour secured ads with Kohl’s, NBA, PopSugar, and others. Week-over-week their spend is up 112%.


This analysis looks at ad placement in national broadcast & cable TV, digital (desktop & mobile), podcasts, weekly and monthly magazines, and daily newspapers in the largest 25 DMAs.

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