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Top 7 Food & Beverage Brands: Muscle Milk, Pringles & More

Companies with the highest week-over-week lift in spend. In all cases, this looks at the leap from just one week prior.



Skittles Invested $1.5mm into television and print advertising this month. They spent $443k with Us Weekly and Sports Illustrated. Week-over-Week their spend is up over 1000%.

lean cuisine

Lean Cuisine

In April, Lean Cuisine spent $1.3mm on television advertising. In May, they increased their TV investment from 39% (in April) to 62%. Their $1.47mm investment appears on A&E, USA, ION, and others. Week-over-Week their spend is up 89%.

daisy sour cream

Daisy Sour Cream

In April and May, Daisy Sour Cream invested $2.17mm in national television advertising. They are featuring three versions of their “dollop of daisy” commercials. They are running on ABC, Telemundo, Fox, and others. Week-over-Week their spend is up 40%.

muscle milk

Muscle Milk

After having only a very small digital advertising presence during the first quarter of 2021, Muscle Milk invested $3.47mm into television in the second quarter. Their ads air on ESPN, MTV, TBS, ABC, and others. Week-over-Week their spend is up 75%.

oscar mayer

Oscar Mayer

In May, Oscar Mayer spent 97% of their ad investment on national television. The remainder of their $2.5mm was spent on Facebook ads. Week-over-Week their spend is up 42%.


V8 Vegetable Juices

V8 Vegetable Juices spent $9.7mm in national television and digital ad space this year. Their “Original Plant-Powered Drink” commercials air on USA, NBC, TNT, HGTV, and others. Week-over-Week their spend is up 722%.



Pringles spent $2.2mm on television and digital ad formats so far this month. Their Facebook campaign makes up their entire digital ad spend, and accounts for only $2% of their monthly spend. Week-over-Week their spend is up 27%.


This analysis looks at ad placement in national broadcast & cable TV, digital (desktop & mobile), podcasts, weekly and monthly magazines, and daily newspapers in the largest 25 DMAs.

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