Vice Brands

Top 7 Vice Brands: Corona, Michelob Ultra & more

Companies with the highest week-over-week lift in spend. In all cases, this looks at the leap from just the one week prior.



In May, Corona invested $16.9mm into television, digital, and print ad space. Their digital ad campaigns account for 6% of their monthly spend. Corona spent $992k on digital placements with Facebook and OTT. Week-over-Week their spend is up 89%.

1800 tequila

1800 Tequila

This tequila brand more than doubled their ad spend between April and May. They invested $3.4mm into television ad space in May, compared to $230k in April. Their “Best Taste in Tequila” spots air on TNT, ESPN, Univision, and others. Week-over-Week their spend is up 481%.

michelob ultra

Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra has spent $3.4mm on television and digital advertising this month. They invested 95% of their spend on TV advertising. Michelob Ultra spent $3.2mm with CBS, Food Network, Hallmark, and others. Week-over-Week their spend is up 65%.

miller light

Miller Lite

Miller Lite spent $23.9mm on television, digital, and print advertising this year. The largest allocation of their spend went toward television. Miller Lite invested $16.7mm with ESPN, CBS, Telemundo, AMC, and others. Week-over-Week their spend is up 171%.

coors light

Coors Light

Since the start of the second quarter 2021, Coors Light invested $8.2mm into television and digital advertising. A little over half of their spend is dedicated to digital formats. Coors Light spent $4.7mm into Facebook, podcasting, and OTT. Week-over-Week their spend is up 28%.

cw hemp

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

In May this CBD Oil company invested $432k into print advertising. Their entire spend was invested with People. This was new last week!



This wine company had no presence in the market this year until April. Since then, they ran ads in print media that value approximately $2mm. Their ads appear in Star, OK! Weekly, Life & Style Weekly, and Beverage Media. Week-over-Week their spend is up 31%.


This analysis looks at ad placement in national broadcast & cable TV, digital (desktop & mobile), podcasts, weekly and monthly magazines, and daily newspapers in the largest 25 DMAs.

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