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Top B2B Brands to Watch in Q4

Top B2B Brands to Watch in Q4

Their product might not come wrapped with a beautiful bow like consumer products—but B2B teams need to make their final Q4 sales soon.

This is why it’s critical to approach their advertising team now—they’re spending the remainder of their budget and they’re planning for next year. Make sure you’re coordinating with the right contacts to get ahead of your competition. 

On Monday we covered the top consumer brands to watch in Q4. Here are the top B2B brands from a range of sectors to keep tabs on.

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Top B2B Opportunities in Q4 2021

1. MFS Financial

MFS Ad Example

MFS Financial, formerly known as Massachusetts Financial Services, is one of the oldest global investment management services in the world. It was the first to launch a mutual fund. 

Sun Life Financial (MFS Financial’s parent company) has performed well this past year. It has seen a steadily increasing stock price since October 2020. Shares are currently priced at $54.4, up from $42.3 in October 2020.

Why it’s a good brand to watch:

MFS has increased their ad spend by at least 100% between Q3 and Q4 since 2019. 

Between Q3 and Q4 2020 the company’s investment in B2B digital and print ad space increased from $237 thousand to $2.4 million, an increase of 917%. 65% of this spending was invested into digital advertising.

MFS Financial continued their heavy investment in digital advertising in 2021. They spent over $890 thousand in digital in Q3 of 2021. Even with a moderate prediction of a 50% increase in ad spend from Q3 to Q4, MFS Financial could spend up to $1.3 million this quarter.

2. Syngenta Seeds

Syngenta Seeds Ad Example

​​Syngenta Seeds is an agricultural leader that develops and produces seeds. It also produces related products like crop protection products and biofuels. 

Syngenta has raised funds to go public on the Shanghai stock exchange and is pending approval. It is predicted to be valued at over $60 billion.

Why it’s a good brand to watch:

US agriculture exports this year are expected to surpass $173.5 billion, shattering the record set in 2014 of $156.8 billion. Syngenta has been increasing their ad spend throughout the year in the B2B space since 2020. 

From Q2 to Q3 in 2020 their ad spend increased 919%. From Q3 to Q4 their ad spend increased from $729 thousand to $2.6 million. This year, their Q3 spend is 30% higher than last year at $948 thousand. 

With their funds raised, we can expect a strong advertising presence from Syngenta Seeds and estimate that their ad spend could reach upwards of $2.8 million (an increase of 300% quarter over quarter.)

3. Gilead Sciences

Descovy Ad Example
Biktarvy Ad Example

Gilead Sciences, the parent brand of pharmaceuticals such as Biktarvy and Descovy, focuses on researching and developing antiviral drugs. Specifically, they focus on drugs used to treat HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, influenza and cancer.

Why it’s a good brand to watch:

After a year where investor attention turned toward biotech companies, Q4 has a slate of biotech firms about to go public. Gilead Sciences is already listed on the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index and the S&P 500.

Since 2019, Gilead Sciences has made several major acquisitions, bolstering its offerings of cancer-fighting drugs.

Gilead Sciences increased their ad spend by 4% from Q3 to Q4 in 2020, from $51.1 million to $53.3 million. 

While their spend in Q3 of 2021 is relatively the same compared to their spend in 2020, $51.3 million, we can expect an increase of at least $2 million in their advertising presence in Q4. 

If the predictions for the biotech pharmaceutical stock market are accurate, we could see an even greater increase.

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