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Uncover Fresh Prospecting Opportunities and Gain Competitive Advantage

Understand shifting media strategy of existing clients. Find new advertisers beginning to spend in emerging media formats either across all media or within a specific competitive set.

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Discover media buying contact details for 125,000+ leading consumer brands.

Our Contacts team actively updates the database for clients to have the latest contacts. Automated alerts keep you informed on account representation changes and promotions.

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Compare CPM’s Within Specific Product Categories

MediaRadar also reveals which advertising formats have the highest pricing currently. You can see how CPMs are shifting over time and when any brand pays their highest prices. Use this to help you strategize when to bring on new clients.

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Elevate Your Pitch with Editorial Leverage

Leverage the power of editorial content to enhance your advertising strategy. Seamlessly integrate brand mentions into your pitch, captivating your audience and driving exceptional results. Effortlessly track and report the value you provide through our comprehensive system.

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MediaRadar is ROI Driven and We’ll Prove It

As your partner, we don’t win unless you do. MediaRadar provides clients with a Quarterly Business Review where we will not only discuss your team’s usage of the platform and best practices for success, but we will also provide a quantitative Return- On- Investment (ROI) analysis detailing MediaRadar’s impact on your revenue.