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Understand Any Media Buyer’s Social Strategy

See which advertisers buy Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat exclusively and which spread their advertising budgets across media formats and social platforms.

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See Recent Creative Running on Social Media Platforms

View recent carousel, video, and image ads to fully comprehend any prospects’ brand message. Using MediaRadar’s social insights you can comprehend how they position themselves on via social media and if that differs from other media formats.

Expose Ad Buying Shifts Across Media Formats and Product Categories

Your prospects are the most bang for their buck! This will help you know how to position your advertising offerings against their overall strategy.

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Connect with the Right Media Buyer the First Time

Many brands have specific buyers that handle their social media buys, while others are handled by the digital media buying team. Be confident you are pitching the right person, MediaRadar provides contact information for those responsible for social buys at both agencies and in-house.

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