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10 Major OTT Advertisers To Watch in 2021

The OTT advertising scene is still up-and-coming, but that hasn’t stopped many brands from investing heavily in the space.

As viewers nationwide cut the cord on linear television and opt for OTT entertainment, advertisers will continue to test and learn what works in this channel.

In our New Year’s countdown, we presented 9 Top OTT Spenders in 2020. Today, we follow up with an additional 10 OTT advertisers to keep your eye on this year.

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1. Walmart

Popular retail company Walmart aims for quantity in OTT advertising. In 2020, they spent across 16 different OTT platforms, including ESPN, Adult Swim, and NBC News. 

Walmart previously owned their own digital video store and streaming service, Vudu, which was acquired by Fandango in spring of 2020. While Walmart never created their own content, they did have an early start in advertising in the OTT space.

2. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Ad Together Tastes Together

Coca-Cola, like many businesses, had a rough time in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. With theaters, restaurants, sporting arenas, and other venues closed, their revenue dropped significantly and the brand chose to take a step back from marketing at least temporarily to cut their losses.

By the end of the year, though, they were back in the spotlight with a touching holiday ad heralded by some as the “most powerful” ad of the 2020 Christmas season.

Coca-Cola has a strong advertising presence across many formats and platforms. MediaRadar partners have access to over 85 contacts for the company, including insider tips on which teams to contact for different formats and which agencies to contact for different campaigns.

3. Ford

Ford Ad We Show Up

Ford is known globally for their creative and interactive use of ad space. Ford continues to hold a prominent space in the OTT advertising sphere, and there’s word that they’ll be sending out four RFP’s between March and June.

4. Target

Target reported booming business in most of 2020, perhaps due to its highly recognizable brand and multiple curbside pickup options. But it also had to do with their marketing. 

“Marketing is responsible for driving business results, so we measure everything we do and can adjust accordingly in real time,” said Target’s EVP, chief marketing, digital and strategy officer, Rick Gomez stated in March 2020. 

5. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s marketing team and holding agency should receive a round of applause for some of their campaigns last year. For example, at one point, the brand presented audiences with a low-budget ad shot in under 24 hours entirely on Zoom. 

When it comes to OTT buying behavior, Domino’s Pizza purchased across just four OTT channels—ESPN, the CW, Bravo, and NBC.

However, this year, Domino’s plans on being even more agile. This month they will shift to a new independent agency: WorkInProgress. “I really feel that the independent agency model gives us more flexibility and less distractions,” said Domino’s Chief Marketing Officer Art D’Elia.

6. Allstate

allstate ad safe drivers score savings

Allstate made marketing news in 2020 by signing with a new advertising agency and dropping “Mayhem.” Like Domino’s, Allstate cited a need for flexibility and creative ways to stand out from the insurance crowd as the global pandemic changed consumer needs and interest.

Their new ads will run across national linear television, OTT, and social media platforms.

7. Lowe’s

As 2020 came to a close, Discovery announced the first advertisers choosing to make use of their new streaming platform, Discovery+. Among them was Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Lowe’s joins the movement at a time when new and old streaming platforms alike are capitalizing on high viewership rates due in part to COVID-19. At the same time, ad-supported platforms such as DIscovery+ are banking on viewers being willing to settle for some ads in exchange for lower prices.

MediaRadar Contacts for Lowe’s include insider tips for where to send media kits, and which agencies handle their various campaigns.

8. McDonald’s

McDonald’s chose to decrease Q2 marketing expenses by 70% last year, opting to wait for the COVID-19 situation to stabilize. Because of this, they were able to shift much of their Q2 marketing budget into Q3 and Q4.

Their longer-term marketing plan includes continuing their global “no logo” campaign strategy, originally launched in 2013, and framing themselves as a quick, safe, and affordable meal option for everyone waiting out the pandemic. 

9. Old Navy

Old Navy took the opportunity in 2020 to provide viewers with high-energy, star-studded ads praising inclusivity, pandemic-induced flexibility, and body positivity. Old Navy ran the ads on both linear channels and in OTT spaces—a common move for many businesses investing in the relatively new OTT arena.

Like many brands, they also tried “unprecedented” approaches during the “unprecedented” year. The retailer ran their first non-promotion-driven ad in conjunction with a large clothing donation made to families in need.

10. Progressive

Progressive approached pandemic-induced changes to audiences by introducing their familiar character, Flo, and her friends in a variety of work-from-home scenarios with the goal of adding levity to a rather bleak landscape.

Progressive was also one of four insurance companies in the top five most-seen brands on TV in 2020. Insurance companies worked hard to be seen during an uncertain year, making the accessibility and popularity of OTT an enticing option for advertisers.

Progressive has three upcoming RFPs scheduled for March, May, and June related to ATV, business, and commercial insurance, respectively.

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