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2017 Programmatic TV Summit – Highlights & Video

The way consumers view television is changing. This should come as no surprise, especially considering the recent troubles ESPN faced in regards to cord cutters. With more and more viewers moving to OTT, advertisers are facing a challenge, how to optimize marketing efforts to reach migrating audiences. One potential solution is programmatic buying and selling across platforms. This year’s Programmatic Summit at the Stewart Hotel in NYC endeavored to identify the necessary steps in adapting and adopting programmatic in the TV and OTT realm. MediaRadar’s CEO led a panel of National TV and Video Sellers regarding just how this process will work. The panel included:

Dan Callahan, VP/Programmatic Advertising, Fox Networks                               

Santosh Mathai, VP/Data, Analytics & Strategic Sales Partnerships, A&E Networks                       

Mark Mitchell, Chief Relationship Officer, Clypd                                                 

Aaron Radin, SVP, Partnerships and Portfolio Products, NBCU                          

Ben Tatta, President, 605

                Much of the conversation centered on how members of the TV industry are becoming more data defined and ROI results-driven. Take a look at the video below to see how Ben Tatta believes impression based selling will catalyze the move to programmatic.