How Specialized DSPs Are Shaping Connected TV (CTV) Advertising

Programmatic TV advertising continues to make headlines and big promises — even if it’s still a little confusing.. But one thing is for sure: the popularity of programmatic video ads is growing as the industry figures out measurement, inventory and growth.


Google Chrome Privacy Sandbox: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Google’s Privacy Sandbox is aimed at curtailing improper tracking and alleviating consumer privacy concerns while continuing to allow ad targeting. But what, exactly, is the Privacy Sandbox? And what does it mean for advertisers and publishers?


How Podcast Advertising Fits Into Programmatic Technology

It’s clear that podcast advertising is both popular and effective. But what actually feeds this advertising format? And how does programmatic tech fit into the medium?


Supply Path Optimization (SPO): What Is It and Why Is It a Big Deal for Programmatic Ads?

Supply Path Optimization — or SPO — is meant to help digital advertisers the same way supply chain optimization helps logisticians. By choosing networks based on the main markets they serve, digital advertisers can get more strategic and plan further out for both reach and spend.


The Fast Advance of Programmatic Native Ads

As ad networks expand and programmatic capabilities advance, the line between programmatic and direct ads is blurring — opening the opportunity for native ads to join the programmatic bandwagon.


Will Amazon Own the Programmatic Advertising Market?

How is amazon focusing on programmatic advertising, now that Amazon Advertising is gaining momentum?


Programmatic Advertising Explained: 32 Essential Terms [2023 Update]

Defining common terms for programmatic advertising can make the entire programmatic process much easier to navigate. Here is our glossary for programmatic advertising.


How Should Publishers Set Their Price Floor?

While it’s very important for publishers to understand how header bidding works, it’s equally as important that they understand how to make it work for them.

In our previous posts, we did our best to simplify the process of programmatic advertising.

We first covered the traditional process of waterfalling, then moved through the innovation of header bidding.

If you’ve yet to read those posts, we suggest that you start there before reading any further.

After reading our previous posts, you might be thinking, "all of this talk of price floors... But how do I know what my price floor should actually be?"

That’s an important question to keep in mind. Header bidding is a very innovative process, but publishers can only truly maximize their return if the process is implemented correctly.




Supply-side Platforms (SSPs) Shift Their Focus to Creating Demand for Advertisers

Learn how Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) are becoming more demand focused offering bid transparency that brands are typically unable to get via DSPs alone.