Will Amazon Own the Programmatic Advertising Market?

How is amazon focusing on programmatic advertising, now that Amazon Advertising is gaining momentum?


3 New Initiatives Taking Programmatic Advertising Higher

MediaRadar dives into three distinct developments that promise to take programmatic advertising to new heights.


2019 Prediction: Big Year for Audio

For many years, we would hear "This is the year of mobile." From the first half (1H) of 2017 to the first half of 2018, mobile advertising did increase 42%, noted an IAB Internet Ad Revenue report conducted by PWC. By 2021, mobile video is expected to reach approximately $16.2 billion. Snapchat, the messaging and social media app, recognized the potential of this medium and capitalized on the expanding market. But, that doesn't seem to be what advertisers are focused on today. According to them, this is "the year of audio." Find out why now!


2019 Media Predictions: Amazon Advertising Will Succeed This Year

These 2019 media predictions surrounding Amazon advertising come from Todd Krizelman, CEO and Co-Founder of MediaRadar.


3 Takeaways from Programmatic IO April 2018

AdExchanger's Programmatic I/O is the world's largest gathering of the data-driven marketing ecosystem. It is a semi-annual event, and this time around, was held in San Francisco on April 10th and 11th, as nearly 3000 professionals and experts shared stories and insights about their experiences with programmatic media and advertising, from both the buyer and seller-side of the equation.


Emerging Trends in Advertising: Programmatic Audio Advertising

As any ad sales or ad tech professional knows, the demand for programmatic ad inventory has been rising on a number of different platforms. And with Pandora's most recent news, it's evident that audio platforms are now taking full advantage of the process, as well. Pandora will now, for the first time, offer a private marketplace (PMP) for programmatic audio advertising, something that many considered a long-time coming. While, the audio industry does not always receive the same amount of coverage as other formats in relations to programmatic advertising, Pandora's full buy-in could change that.


Brand Safety: What is the Agency Telling Your Client?

In 2017, many questions arose regarding advertisers and the content they're surrounded with. Some brands saw their ads running alongside unsavory content, and so the discussion of brand safety in programmatic advertising began to gain much more traction.


Understanding Programmatic: Choosing your Price Floor

While it’s very important for publishers to understand how header bidding works, it’s equally as important that they understand how to make it work for them.

In our previous posts, we did our best to simplify the process of programmatic advertising.

We first covered the traditional process of waterfalling, then moved through the innovation of header bidding.

If you’ve yet to read those posts, we suggest that you start there before reading any further.

After reading our previous posts, you might be thinking, "all of this talk of price floors... But how do I know what my price floor should actually be?"

That’s an important question to keep in mind. Header bidding is a very innovative process, but publishers can only truly maximize their return if the process is implemented correctly.