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5 Advertisers to Watch That Are Buying B2B Media Right Now

In today’s unpredictable economic climate, advertisers are meticulously reevaluating their budgets and buying strategies. For some, this stormy landscape has posed a relentless challenge in pinpointing the optimal advertising mix. For others, however, the answer has been strikingly clear: invest in B2B Media.

Since June 2022, B2B Media has welcomed 232k new advertisers. Notably, 53% of these advertisers have opted to anchor a significant majority of their spend with these specialized publishers. But what is the lighthouse guiding them toward this decision?

At its core, it boils down to targeting and trust. B2B Media offers a deeply focused audience — professionals nestled within specific industries, whose purchasing decisions hold significant weight. These are not casual readers; they are thought leaders whose loyalty is earned and cherished.

B2B Media is not merely about ad placements; it’s a broader engagement strategy. These platforms are revered as experts and thought leaders in their spaces, building strong brand recognition and trust that flows downstream to the advertisers they feature. In addition to traditional advertising, B2B Media offers invaluable lead generation options through whitepapers and webinars and holds industry events that are precisely tailored to the unique networking needs of their audiences, reaffirming the adage that people buy from people they know and trust.

B2B Media is proving to be more of a strategic partner for advertisers seeking stability, precision, and meaningful engagement in these turbulent times. In our analysis, we spotlight five advertisers — spanning sectors from Automotive to Finance and Medical & Pharmaceutical — who are significantly investing in B2B Media. For them, this isn’t a scattered, tentative approach; it’s a strategic homecoming to a place where their messages resonate the loudest and clearest.

Notable Advertisers Leading the B2B Charge

1. Roche Holding: A global pharmaceutical and diagnostics company, Roche has embraced B2B media for 30 of its pharmaceutical brands, such as Genentech’s Tecentriq and Vabysmo. Over 60% of the budget for these brands was allocated to prestigious names such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Breastcare Magazine, and Journal of Clinical Oncology. In recent news, Roche Holding announced a groundbreaking partnership aimed at accelerating drug discovery and development through innovative AI-driven solutions. 

Tecentriq print ad appearing in Breast Care Magazine April 2023.

2. Arlington Industries, Inc.: With a headquarters in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Arlington Industries, a provider of fittings, connectors, and electrical products, allocated a remarkable 98% of its ad budget to print ads within the electronic industry. The brand’s presence in notable publications like Electrical Contractor Magazine, EC&M Magazine, and EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance reflects a combined 93% of their print investment.  Email and digital display were also down 26% and 8% YoY respectively. Recently, Arlington Industries, Inc. unveiled a new line of innovative electrical connectors designed to enhance safety and efficiency in industrial settings.

Arlington Industries’ Integrated B2B Media Spend during June 2022 – June 2023.

3. Pioneer (Hybrid Seeds): In the agricultural sector, despite a 29% YoY decline, Pioneer invested over 75% of its B2B media ad budget to print outlets. Such names as Iowa Farmer Today and Farm & Ranch Guide received its ad spend. The company’s headquarters in Johnston, Iowa, serves as a testament to its deep-rooted connection to the industry. Pioneer has announced strategic partnerships with agriculture technology (“agtech”) innovators to accelerate the development of cutting-edge solutions for modern agriculture.

Pioneer ad appearing on AgWeb Q4 2022.

4. Ridecell: Based in San Francisco, California, Ridecell is a standout in the automotive software sector. To date they have allocated most of their B2B spend into exhibit space at CES 2023. Ridecell also invested in digital white paper and email advertising during this time. Recent reports highlight Ridecell’s contributions to advancing autonomous vehicle technology through partnerships with leading automotive manufacturers.

Ridecell’s Integrated B2B Media Spend June 2022 – June 2023

5. TransUnion: (Owned by TransUnion Intermediate Holdings) TransUnion, like many advertisers, values trade shows and conferences for their networking experiences. The credit reporting brand was the top sponsor at ANA Masters of Marketing Conference – 2022, eTail West – 2023, among other event sponsorships. At the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). TransUnion recently introduced new data analytics solutions to empower businesses with insights for smarter decision-making.

Transunion Integrated B2B Media Spend June 2022 – June 2023

Amidst the tides of uncertainty, B2B Media continues to emerge as a steadfast partner, attracting over 232k brand engagements since June 2022, with 53% of these advertisers allocating the majority of their budgets to these niche publishers. This decision is rooted in the precise targeting and credibility that B2B Media offers—connecting advertisers with influential professionals within specific industries. Beyond mere ad placements, B2B Media provides a holistic engagement strategy, including lead generation through whitepapers and webinars, and tailored industry events, reinforcing trust and authenticity. In a world where B2B advertising continues to evolve, these brands serve as inspiration for their strategic investment and engagement within the B2B media space. As Q4 unfolds, keep an eye on these companies that are shaping the future of advertising.

Note: The data presented is based on MediaRadar’s insights and may be subject to change as the advertising landscape evolves.