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5 ways to validate your price point

5 Ways to Validate Your Price Point!


The Challenge:

As a sales or new business executive, you face a plethora of objections when trying to close the deal. Whether you are working to get your foot in the door with a new prospect or sitting down to discuss contract details, you will need to prove the value of you are offering.

One of the most common hurdles you will face is defending the price point of your advertising package.

The Solution:

You can overcome this objection!

We put together 5 tips to remember when defending a higher price:

1. Brand Recognition

Make sure to leverage your brand name. What makes your brand memorable? Why does your audience keep coming back for more?

2. Audience

What makes your audience special? Is it a niche returning audience or do you have a large audience that will provide more exposure? Or is it something in between?

3. Special Niche

You can offer something that the competition cannot – what is the one thing your prospect needs that will make the biggest impact?

4. Product/Service Superiority

How your offering is better than your competitors’ products. Is your site easier for readers to navigate? Is your audience bigger? Are you the authority on best places to eat? Where do you shine?

5. Unique Experience

You have created unique offering for your prospect that will provide more interaction with your key audience. Show them how you can differentiate their brand from their competitors to your audience.

When confronted with “it doesn’t fit in our budget,” it is imperative to explain the comprehensive value of your product. Don’t be bullied into lowering your price, but instead show why this partnership will be worth the cost.

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