The Power of Proactive Prospecting for Agencies: 5 Things to Know Before You Pitch

Despite the challenges with developing new relationships, there are certain things agencies can do before contacting a prospect to build trust and earn business. So, why wait any longer? Start implementing these 5 tips into your strategy now!


3 Ways to Sell Cross-Platform Advertising to Brands on a Budget

Cross-platform advertising should be a staple in the diet of nearly every advertiser. For a publisher engaging a prospective brand, the conversation should not simply center around whether or not the brand should engage in paid search, but rather how to integrate paid search with paid social, organic reach, podcast sponsorship, and more.


The 5 Best B2B Sales Call Planning Tips Every Great Rep Should Know

MediaRadar’s CEO, Todd Krizelman, shared the five simple sales call planning steps that will help sales and business development reps plan for their next call, build the right relationships, and increase their revenue. Here are the sales call planning tips for B2B reps.


7 Essentials to Include in a Statement of Work (SOW)

A well organized Statement of Work (SOW) is your first opportunity to show your value as partner.

When writing an SOW, it's critical that you're able to clearly define your offering and establish the guidelines of your business relationship. 


Asking the Right Questions: The Key to Building Lasting Business Relationships with Prospects 

You’ve worked hard to finally get your prospect on the phone or land a meeting with them. At this point, you’ve probably sent countless emails and left numerous voicemails. Before all of that started, you had to find your perfect target, so you focused on maintaining a near-perfect prospect list.

Great job.


6 Tips for Leaving Effective Voicemails for Prospects in 2023

6 essential voicemail techniques to use to impress your prospect after the tone. Use these techniques to make sure you're leaving effective voicemails.


What Is Prospecting and How to Do It Right?

Do you want to win new clients for your agency? Of course you do... But how does that happen? Not on a whim, that's for sure.

Every successful agency-client relationship is built on a foundation of
understandingTo build these relationships, however, development reps must do the research and preparation necessary to fully understand their prospects.

In the pre-pitch stage, this process is known as prospecting.



Creating a Path to Success That Your Sales Reps Can Believe​​

MediaRadar’s Chief Sales Officer, Jen Wilga, shares her tips for creating a path to success with your reps that boosts their morale, builds relationships, and closes sales.


How to Set Goals with Your Sales Reps—and Make Them Stick

MediaRadar’s Chief Sales Officer, Jen Wilga, shares her tips for setting goals with sales reps for better retention and customer success.