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Driving Success in 2024 Begins Now

The fourth quarter is here, which means sales teams need to start preparing now for 2024. MediaRadar can help you hit the ground running in Q1, increase your opportunity pipeline, and drive more revenue despite ongoing economic challenges. With careful preparation during Q4 2023, your organization can proactively set itself up for success in the new year.

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This quarter, empower your sales team to maximize 2024 opportunities and outperform goals by leveraging MediaRadar’s ad sales intelligence and enablement platform. Here are three ways MediaRadar can help you expand your reach, motivate your team, and seamlessly integrate data to optimize sales processes:

1. Review Your Market Potential and See Where You Can Grow Your Business 

A key step to Q4 preparation is understanding your true market potential by analyzing your total addressable market (TAM). With MediaRadar, you can easily calculate your TAM based on your average deal size and number of potential customers.  

However, you can further identify untapped segments and new opportunities beyond your existing pipeline. MediaRadar’s cross-channel ad spend intelligence allows you to search across over 3 million brands and spot emerging spenders in your target categories. You can source contacts for those high-potential targets and feed them directly into your Salesforce CRM using MediaRadar’s contact integration.

With an expanded market perspective, you can build out sales playbooks that align with your ideal customer profile (ICP). Enable your team to venture into new categories and close more first-time deals.

Download our free whitepaper, “How to Realize the Potential of— and Expand—Your Total Addressable Market (TAM)” here.

2. Review Your Team’s Account Lists

As you review your market potential, MediaRadar helps you strategically allocate accounts to build optimal sales books. Sync MediaRadar’s ad spend data into Salesforce to easily identify over or under-balanced books.  

Prioritize accounts with the most upside potential based on historical spend versus billed sales. Motivate your team by assigning new greenfield opportunities or re-engagements with a significant budget. Use MediaRadar’s real-time alerts to notify reps of new RFPs and budget shifts that signal prime timing for outreach.

With integrated, up-to-date spend intelligence, you can ensure every rep has a book tailored to their strengths and filled with qualified accounts primed for Q4 budget spending.

3. See Who’s Advertising with Your Competition

As your team connects with prospects, equip them to deliver highly tailored pitches that speak to each customer’s initiatives and challenges. MediaRadar provides the cross-channel insights they need all in one place to analyze competitors, inform messaging, and plan.

Help your team strategize creative ways to address prospects’ pain points by examining competitors’ ad spend allocation across channels, themes, and publishers. They can even review historical ad creatives that resonate in your ICPs for inspiration.

With MediaRadar as an always-accessible, centralized intelligence resource, your reps will deliver relevant, consultative conversations to advance opportunities through the pipeline.

Join Thousands of Sales Teams that are Driving Growth with MediaRadar

This Q4, implement the strategies leading ad sales teams use to prepare to maximize your 2024 opportunities. With actionable intelligence seamlessly integrated into your CRM, your reps will be equipped to forge new relationships and deep-sell into existing accounts. Position your team to win in 2024 by leveraging MediaRadar today!

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