New View on Ad Portfolios: How B2B Publications Can Expand Their Market Share

Advertisers need to find new, more digital ways to reach decision-makers with the personal touch they’re used to. Naturally, this means B2B publishers need to find ways to bridge that gap between advertisers and their target audience. How can B2B publications expand their ad portfolios — and see their market share follow?


5 Questions Ad Sales Intelligence Tools Should Answer for their Ad Tech Users

In the current ad sales market, ad tech companies need to keep up with the demand for more immersive, customized pitches. Here's how to find the right software to cut your research time and find the best advertisers for your company.


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Event sponsors need to understand that the return value of their participation is worth coming back, How do you translate the results of the event into the ROI that sponsors will expect?


5 Simple Things to Do to Facilitate Networking at Your Event

Hosting an event is a great way to encourage face-to-face interactions, bringing value to your buyers. But how do you actually facilitate networking at these events?


5 Actionable Tips To Crush Your Event Networking

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Top 3 Reasons Why Lead Scoring is So Important for Success in Ad Sales

As an ad sales rep, do you have a high volume of incoming leads or a large account list? Lead scoring can help you manage while also turning more of your leads into revenue-generating clients. Here's why you should start lead scoring:


7 Tips for Writing Effective Sales Email Subject Lines

According to a HubSpot statistic from 2017, 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes. With that, comes both good and bad news for sales reps. The bad news?


4 Ways to Score Your Leads

Lead scoringis a way for sales reps to maximize their time and research. It takes place at the very beginning of the sales process, but is still one of the biggest factors leading sales teams to meet and exceed quotas.


Building Trust Beyond the CMO: Find Your Internal Champion

After you deliver an amazing product pitch to a person or group of people at a prospect company, what do you think those people typically do following that pitch?

Most likely, they'll talk about it - they'll tell others within their company about it.

They'll talk about you, your product, and perhaps your pitch in general. They'll put in a good word for you. They'll vouch for you, intentionally or not.

That's because great pitches and innovative products leave lasting impressions on business professionals. Great pitches build trust, and create belief inside those people - a belief in you and your product.

If that belief is not spurred within the right person, however, an agency pitch could be for naught.