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5 Clever Subject Lines To Get Your Emails Opened & Read

5 Clever Subject Lines To Get Your Emails Opened & Read

Your prospect sits down at their computer and opens their inbox. They start scrolling and their eyes start to wander, only to cross paths with your unread email. At this point, the dice have rolled in your favor, and your email is now in their crosshairs.

This is where your hard work and creativity come into play. At that exact point, your prospect may not know you or your company. The only thing they have to reference, and the only thing they have to look at, is one line of text: your email subject line.

The overall goal is to make your subject line memorable and actionable. It should be something that first, stands out in your prospect’s overloaded inbox, and second, drives them to take action – which in this case, would be to open the email and engage.

I’ve written many emails and have found that the most effective subject lines are the ones that show my personality, are specific, and present clear value to my prospect. In my time doing so, I’ve used many subject lines that consistently product high open rates.

Let’s take a look at some of the email subject lines that have brought me repeated success, that you can use to get your sales emails opened, time and time again:

Show Your Personality

In a lot of cases, writing subject lines that are a bit outside of the box can warrant the best results. It can catch the eye of your prospect in a strong way, and warrant the highest engagement.

For example, in cases where I’ve tried to get a hold of a prospect numerous times but haven’t succeeded, I’ve used the line, “I’m not a stalker…”

That line still elicits my highest open rates. I smile when I write it, too, because I think my personality comes through. I’m a mom of two kids. I love what I do. Of course I’m not a stalker. I’m just passionate about earning that prospect’s business. In fact, I use these types of lines all the time.

1. “Was it something I said?” or “Do I need to send out a search party?”

These lines are fun ways to acknowledge that a prospect has not been attentive to you, but that you’re still there to help them, still willing to communicate.

It’s also important to note that there is a fine-line between going outside of the box, and going too far outside the box. Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether or not your email subject line is both appropriate and engaging.

Don’t be afraid to be funny and creative, but make sure that it’s something you see fit, something you find appropriate. Be loose, and be yourself, and your subject line will turn out just fine. If you find yourself reaching for a joke or pun, you might find yourself reaching too far outside the box, thus losing a prospect’s interest.

Be specific

Another tip that I’ve learned over the year’s is to make your subject line read like a text. Think of the concision and matter of grammar that goes into writing a text, and use that same mentality to write your subject line. Be succinct, punchy, and specific, and again, don’t forget to be yourself.

Being specific also allows you to more closely relate to your prospect. By breaking down your message to its simplest form based on your prospect’s demographic makeup, they’ll find it easier to connect with your subject line.

Let’s say you’re engaging with a younger audience. In this case, you can use acronyms and hashtags – much like you would on mobile – to present them with a concise message.

2. “FOMO Over Fashion’s Homepage: Buy Ads Now”

“FOMO,” of course, means “fear of missing out.” This is a great opportunity to pack in more words than you’d usually be able to, and catch your prospect’s eye with something they may not typically see in an email subject line.

Present Clear Value

There’s no need to wait until your email body text to present your prospect with the goods. It’s very effective to include numbers and phrases that present clear and relevant value to your prospect, right off the bat.

3. “5 Ways to Increase Sales in Q1”

If your prospect is interested in increasing their sales in Q1 (who isn’t?), then they’ll be curious to see what you have to offer.

4. “Go Native in Print: Fall Space Selling Now”

This subject line is powerful because it presents a relevant trend, and then instills a sense of urgency, making your prospect not only want to click, but act immediately.

5. “We can help you get X number of new advertisers.”

This is another subject line that offers a clear-stated value to your prospect. With it, you’re telling them exactly how you can improve their business. At the least, you would think they would at least click through to see the details.

In the end, it’s most important to know who you’re writing to, connect with their needs as specifically as possible, all while presenting your company’s value, and your personal value, in an honest light.