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The Power of Prospecting

Do you want to win new clients for your agency? Of course you do… But how does that happen? Not on a whim, that’s for sure.

Every successful agency-client relationship is built on a foundation of
understandingTo build these relationships, however, development reps must do the research and preparation necessary to fully understand their prospects.

In the pre-pitch stage, this process is known as prospecting.


Why is prospecting important?

If you’re an agency development rep, prospecting is your first interaction with a brand. It’s an opportunity to prove that you’re a student of their business, and that you’re fully invested in being their partner. Unfortunately, prospecting can sometimes be very time-consuming.

Thankfully, there are resources to help…

Arming yourself with the right prospecting tools and knowing which questions to ask can make understanding potential clients much easier, and a lot less time-consuming.

What kind of information should I be looking for?

Let’s say you have your sights set on Nike, Inc. A global, well-rounded company with an array of products, therefore an array of advertisements.

To understand Nike, it’s important to ask the right questions:

– What advertising formats do they use?
– How much do they advertise?
– Where do they advertise?
– What kind of ad creative do they run?
– Which agencies – and what kinds of agencies – are they currently working with?
– Who should I talk to within the company?

What advertising formats do they use?

Does Nike advertise on TV? What about print?

Believe it or not, Nike placed ads across many different media formats within the past 12 months, including, Print, Display, Mobile, Video, Native, Email, TV, and more. Offering a cross-platform advertising package could be the key to winning their business.


How much do they advertise?

Knowing a brand’s ad spend and number of ads placed tells you about their ad strategy.

For example, within the last 12 months, Nike’s estimated TV spend has decreased by 73% YOY, and their print spend has increased by 80% YOY. Fluctuations in ad spend may signify an altered marketing strategy within the company, or perhaps a lack of return on investment.

If you can provide tangible proof of return on TV advertising, you could win that share of wallet.


Where do they advertise?

What TV networks, print and online publications does Nike typically advertise with? This will tell you a lot about which demographics they’re trying to reach. The ability to target the right audience can be a deal-maker, or even a deal-breaker for a brand.

What kind of ad creative do they run?

Study your prospect’s past creative to get a feel for their design and layout preferences across platforms.

Nike recently ran a “Want It All” leaderboard display ad in SLAMonline. There’s a lot to be learned by knowing what kind of ad ran for a specific sub-brand of Nike, and what content surrounded that ad.

MediaRadar users can see past Nike creative across a variety of media formats, as well as what content those ads ran adjacent to.


What agencies – and what kinds of agencies – do they work with?

Find out who Nike is currently working with. Do they have an agency specifically for creative, TV, or digital?Do they have an agency for each? Can you provide a better service or fill a blindspot in Nike’s strategy?

Combine this with your advertising insights to see how you fare against your competitors.


Who should I talk to?

Once you’ve gained a full understanding of how your prospect advertises, it’s important to understand their people.

Research who the decision makers are within the company, as well as who to talk to regarding different aspects of their business.

For example:

Are you a digital creative agency? Find Nike’s digital partnerships director.

Are you an international agency looking to work in new markets? Reach out to Nike’s Senior Marketing Director for Emerging Markets.

MediaRadar users have access to recently verified contact information that allows reps to directly connect with decision makers by phone, email, or social media, and find local information to plan convenient meetings.

MediaRadar helps you better understand prospects by providing the data needed to learn about them, and the insights to make that data actionable.