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How B2B Publishers Are Building Nontraditional Revenue Streams

How B2B Publishers Are Building Nontraditional Revenue Streams

What do an interior design magazine and an online sampling platform have in common? 

They have the same audience, for starters. 

Last month, Folio Magazine published a compelling piece on how one magazine mogul in particular has successfully disrupted its own business model — and why other B2B publications might consider doing the same. 

“We wanted to build an ecosystem of revenue streams that would help carry us through the ups and downs of economies and through what was this on-coming digital revolution,” Adam Sandow explains to Folio. The article profiles Sandow’s foray into these disparate revenue streams, including everything from branded content studios to newsstand distribution networks. 

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Now, Sandow has created Material Bank — “a free digital platform for designers to order and receive material samples, like flooring, wall coverings and tile, from nearly 200 manufacturers in less than 36 hours.” This may sound like a far cry from a B2B publication, but the platform directly supports Sandow’s Interior Design and Luxe properties, since the audience is nearly one and the same. 

Investing in a B2B sampling platform required a set of resources and know-how completely distinct from publishing. But with 80% penetration of the country’s top 200 design firms, it already seems to have paid off. 

All of this gives us a concrete example in the on-going conversation around how publishers can expand both their advertising model and their revenue streams. B2B publishers and trade publications are typically focused on the traditional: print magazines, full spread ads and long standing advertising relationships.

But using both digital and physical space, how can B2B publishers build out nontraditional revenue streams?