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MediaRadar Native Advertising Roundup: March 2018

While native advertising is widely used among advertisers and publishers in the online space, it is also still growing at an impressive rate.

In fact, last month, over 900 brands ran native ads for the first time!

Every month, MediaRadar analyzes thousands of brands utilizing native advertising. Then, each month, in our Native Advertising roundup, we take four noteworthy campaigns and highlight them, while offering some insights into each brand’s native advertising strategy.

Last month, we saw some interesting native advertising campaigns and statistics from the likes of Homegoods, Inc.Reebok ClassicsWendy’s, and Nationwide Insurance.

March’s recap consists of the last 30 days of analysis. We’re going to take a look at native advertising campaigns from Charles Schwab, AT&T, Inc., MetroPCS, and Disney Vacations.


Let’s take a look at this month’s highlights in native advertising:

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab Bank launched its first native campaign in the middle of February:

ad-Charles Schwab Bank (2).jpg

Their initial ad ran simply with their logo and a tag reading, “A Decade of Results.” The ad ran on Planadviser on February 12th:

Since it launched, the campaign has spanned 10 websites in total. Aside from Planadviser, Charles Schwab’s native ads have also run on sites such as National Review,, CNET, and more.

Here are a few more examples of Charles Schwab’s native advertising from the last 30 days, as they provide readers with the “How-to’s” for traders:

ad-Charles Schwab Bank.jpgad-Charles Schwab Bank (3).jpg


AT&T, Inc.

In the past 30 days, native ads have been attributed to sixteen of AT&T Inc.’s child brands, most notably, AT&T Next and DirecTVCollectively, the campaigns span over 20 websites.

In total, about 30% of the advertisements tracked for AT&T’s sixteen child brands were native ads.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples from this month, from DirecTV and AT&T Next:

ad-DirecTV Now (2).jpgad-AT&T Next.jpg



MetroPCS is ramping up its native advertising efforts, as they continue to add more new sites to their campaign. In the past 30 days, their campaign has expanded to over 35 websites. They have a renewal rate of 15% and an average native duration of one month.

Out of the 35+ sites where they’re running native, many are local sites – for example,,, and area-specific live-weather sites.

It also seems as though MetroPCS likes to play on nostalgia and poke a bit of fun at what older cellphones used to do – or what they used to not do:

ad-MetroPCS (3).jpg

ad-MetroPCS (4).jpgad-MetroPCS (5).jpg

As you can see by the ads, we’ve come quite a long way from our “old” technology…


Disney Vacations

Lastly, is Walt Disney Company brand, They recently launched their first overall advertising campaign in late February. The campaign is comprised solely of native ads, both mobile and display.

The campaign currently spans 11 websites, including Macworld and

Disney Vacations native ads focus on the beauty of going on vacation – the family, the beaches, the sun, Hawaii… (2)

After all, what better pitch is there than Hawaii?

In the end, native advertising is certainly something to take note of going forward, for any advertiser, and for any publisher. In 2017, native advertising spend was more than any other form of display advertising, and we only expect that trend to continue.