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MediaRadar’s 12 Ads of Christmas: 3 Drunk Friends

We continue the holiday cheer(s), as we move on to the final quarter of our 12 Ads of Christmas posts. So far, it’s been a blast!

In our own rendition of the classic jingle, we’ve compiled ads from nine different industries. Now, only three remain.

Let’s look at MediaRadar’s version of the “12 Days of Christmas,” to this point:

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, MediaRadar sent to me,
Twelve Engines Humming,
Eleven Cards a-Swiping,
Ten Sleepers Sleeping,
Nine Sites Romancing,
Eight Shoes a-Sneaking,
Seven Hairs a-Trimming,
Six Kids a-Playing,
Five Diamond Rings,
Four Visions Blurred…”

Today, we’re down to number three. In the original song, the third day would bring, Three French Hens.

MediaRadar is getting the holiday party started early, however. Instead of French Hens, we’ll be sending you Three Drunk Friends… Alcohol ads!

The holiday season is fun for many reasons… Family reunions, exciting gifts, great food, and of course, great drinks.

Whether you’re at a raging SantaCon bar crawl, or sitting next to a roasting fire with a neat cocktail, alcohol can bring the highs and lulls that you sometimes need during the holidays.

More so, alcohol ads can be the subtle touch that make that drink taste just a little bit better. They’re the garnish on a great brand, the whipped cream on your Irish Coffee, the olive in your Martini… The cinnamon in your Snuggler.

Regardless of your drink of choice, however, the most enjoyable holiday cocktails are had while spending time with friends and family.

So today, we’re spending time with our friends, John, Jose, and the head of the ship, Mr. Morgan, to bring you the best in liquor advertising.

Here are MediaRadar’s three favorite liquor ads from this year. Pace yourself, enjoy, and please read responsibly:


Captain Morgan – “Captain, Captain”

It’s season’s greetings for this Captain. Or perhaps, more accurately, a Captain’s greeting for the season…

Captain Morgan walks into a bar… No, this is not the beginning of a joke, but where the ad actually begins.

Upon entering the bar, Captain Morgan sees and greets his many colleagues. The catch? They’re all captains of some kind – from soldiers, to pilots, to basketball players.

Captain Morgan eventually moves to order himself and three other captains a drink. What are they drinking, of course? Captain.

Just when you think the ad is about to descend into a Captain-filled mayhem, a seemingly normal-dressed man appears, to which he is simply asked, “Captain?”

“Dave,” he says… After a moment of silence, Captain Morgan says, “Captain, Dave.” He’s insinuating a drink, not Dave’s delegation.

Captain Morgan uses this ad to play on their brand name in a clever way, while indirectly shining a light on the importance of proper comma usage.


Jose Cuervo – “Holiday Mindfulness”

Jose Cuervo has set out to ease the holiday tension in their latest set of video ads.

In a series called “Holiday Mindfulness,” Jose Cuervo mocks YouTube meditation videos, while tackling the different issues that arise during the holiday season, like travelling or unwanted hometown encounters.

This specific ad is about the anxiety that comes with holiday shopping.

“You could’ve shopped online (but it’s Christmas). And now, you’re at the mall. Do you remember where you parked? (Of course not).”

In-store shopping for the holidays can be very stressful. This video was made to “release” that anxiety.

After all, relief is just an escalator away… To a new dimension… To a fountain of Cuervo… Simply “bask in its babble,” and your holiday tension will forever be gone.


Jameson – “230 Year Old Whiskey…”

This Jameson ad ran this year as an April Fool’s joke.

The story in this ad, is that, in a recent renovation, a single barrel of whiskey, distilled by Jameson himself in 1780, was found underneath the distillery.

At first, it seems like an incredible story. About halfway through the ad, however, their sarcasm begins to surface.

They go on to say that the barrel is the “most significant batch of Jameson ever created. But after 230 years of evaporation, the angels have taken more than their fair share.”

Only one glass remained of this unmatched whiskey. That is, of course, until a shakey-hand enters the screen and knocks the glass over.

Regardless of its intentions, this Jameson ad works as a way to draw viewers in, give them a bit of brand history, and eventually give them a good laugh – something we could all use during the holiday season.

This holiday, be sure to cherish the time you spend with others – Mom, Dad, siblings, friends, John, Jose, and so on. Whatever the case, be responsible, be kind, and be generous with laughter.

Cheers to those of you that have followed our 12 Ads of Christmas. If you’ve missed our previous posts, be sure to visit our blog.

Plus, stay tuned for our next post… It’ll have everything a shopper could ever need!