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New Year’s Advertising: You say you want a resolution…


We’re now a week into the New Year. What does that mean?

For ad sales reps, that means it’s time to prepare for a year of new business relationships, new quotas, and new goals.

For many of us, however, the new year brings about new personal goals, as well.


New Year, New You

As 2017 wound to a close, many of us reflected on where we might have fallen short, as well as the general improvements we want to make going forward.

These personal improvements are, of course, known as resolutions.

Resolutions take many shapes. Some of us want to learn a new skill, perhaps to cook, dance, or speak a new language, while others want to balance their checkbook or save up for a vacation.

For the majority of us who shudder at the thought of stepping on a scale, however, it’s time to get in shape.


New Year, New Advertising

The New Year’s ball drop brings on resolutions for advertisers as well. As brands try to capitalize on consumer desires to meet personal goals, we tend to see a wave of New Year’s advertising.

As you’ll see, many fitness and diet-plan brands used the strike of midnight on December 31st as the implementation of their new advertising strategy.

While we hope you didn’t lose your glass slipper, these companies are here to help you leave a few pounds behind.

Let’s take a look at the brands that went with the “New Year, New You” approach. Here is MediaRadar’s summary of this year’s best in New Year’s advertising from fitness and diet-plan companies:


Weight Watchers – “Freestyle Fiesta”

As evident in this Weight Watchers ad, the new year season is a time to party…

In this ad, a group of people are seen standing in a kitchen with Oprah Winfrey, who loudly exclaims, “Welcome to my freestyle taco fiesta!”

This ad is used as a promotion for Weight Watchers’ Freestyle Program. In fact, their entire New Year’s advertising efforts have revolved heavily around the program and possible recipes that suit the program.

The point of their Freestyle Program is to essentially let dieters eat freely and still lose weight. The idea they express, is that dieters can do things their own way.

In the ad, they state that they have over 200 foods that are zero Points®, so dieters can “count less, and enjoy more.” Tacos are not something that would normally be considered a diet food, but in this case, they can be.

This year, feeling better and lighter may not be the drastic change you would expect it to be.


Planet Fitness – “Bring on the New Year”

Here, Planet Fitness approaches New Year’s advertising with a bit of humor and humanity.

This ad gives an exaggerated take on the way some of us feel, the moment right before we start our new diets and fitness plans. They make light of the moments where we feel ashamed or judged by others.

As the metaphorical ball drops in this ad, and the numbers countdown from 9 to 0, Planet Fitness offers a different scenario for each number. In each scenario, there is a person being harshly judged or embarrassed by another.

For example, the ad begins with a 42 year old man being referred to as a “senior” by his doctor, as the doctor states, “You are one of the healthiest seniors I have ever examined.”

This ad covers a wide range of human interaction – from a job interview, to buying a pet, to getting pepper-sprayed by an elderly woman, to literally breaking through the floor while standing on the scale.

The countdown ends with a woman, standing alone, as the New Year’s ball drops. She looks to see a happy couple kissing, and then to the fish bowl, to again see another happy couple (of fish) kissing.

The important message present in this ad, is that “the world judges,” but Planet Fitness does not. Their gym can be your safe-haven, your getaway, and your planet to be free and make your resolutions reality.

Planet Fitness is the place to carry out your new regimen, with no judgement casted.


Blink – “#ResolutionHappy”

This New Year’s ad from Blink expresses an idea that holds importance inside and outside of the gym.

The idea here, is that sometimes the best resolution any of us can make, is to simply focus on being less guilty, and more happy – an idea that’s relevant to life in the gym, but also life in general.

Blink says that New Year’s resolutions can sometimes be superficial, and thus unrealistic, making it important to instead focus on yourself, and set goals that will make you happy.

After all, happiness does fuel our health. So this year, the greatest resolution any of us could make, would be to leave guilt at the side of the road and continue towards happiness. This year could be a year of shedding more than just weight.

As we settle into 2018, it’s most important to remember that our personal resolutions, while important, do not define who we are. They simply represent our efforts to improve.

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