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Now that you’ve had time to digest Season 2 of Stranger Things, we prepare to journey back to the quaint hamlet of Hawkins, and highlight some of the more unique and amazing ways that Season 2 was advertised.

These marketing efforts come courtesy of Doner LA – an agency showing that it’s ok to think outside the box.

Doner LA’s outside the box ideas found us on the sidewalks, in the subway, and in our favorite apps. Regardless of where they were, however, the one thing these ads all have in common is how creatively unique they are.

Watching Season 2 of Stranger Things was a no-brainer after seeing these 4 ads:

The Upside Down

Here we see an advertisement on the side of a double decker bus in Times Square.

This ad pays homage to a crucial part of the series. Just as the show does, the ad pushes viewers to look at the world just a little differently.

Stanger Things-502678-edited.png


The (Phone) Line between Reality and the Supernatural

This is one of the more unique advertisements we’ve seen, Stranger Things or otherwise.

The creative features an aged image from the 80’s.

The catch, however, is that the ad does not have any direct mention of Stranger Things. At a quick glance, one would simply see an ad for Hawkins Power and Light.

Avid watchers of Stranger Things, however, would know how important Hawkins Power and Light is to the narrative of the show.

This is a Stranger Things advertisement in disguise:

Snapchat-1226890611 (2)-930512-edited.jpg

Perhaps the most impressive part of this campaign is the functioning phone line.

In calling the toll free number on the ad, you actually reach the Hawkins Power and Light company from the show.

The company claims that it is, “Not only powering homes, but powering dreams,” and in promoting the show, it is doing just that.

We urge you to call the 1-800 number and give it a try, or simply watch the video below to hear what happens:


An Army of Dustins

Stranger Things had a huge presence at this year’s Comic-Con, not the least of which was their “army of Dustins.”

Dustins lined the streets in Times Square and provided bicycle livery service in New York City.


Dustin 2-109698-edited.png


A Light in the Dark

One of the best parts of Stranger Things is the 80’s nostalgia it induces. A major facet of this is the music.

In fact, the Stranger Things Spotify playlist now has over 300,000 followers. With this ad, listeners are in for a treat.

If you let the playlist run, untouched, a skin appears over it. The skin is an adaptation of the Upside Down ad campaign.

The audio player becomes a light in the dark, making for some truly illuminating tunes:



A show that tests the boundaries of our imaginations, deserves marketing that matches that ethos.

Doner LA has done just that with these with stunts and campaigns that make viewers both alter their perceptions and question the reality that surrounds them.