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Super Bowl LVII Advertiser’s Dive: Part III

Almost 300 jumbo jets. 

That’s how many pounds of snacks Americans eat on Super Bowl Sunday, according to SNAC International. 

It gets better (or worse?). 

Americans collectively eat 1.25b chicken wings every Super Bowl, which equals 162.5mm pounds of chicken, or 7% of annual chicken wing sales.

Say what you want about the heightened awareness of health—and subsequent rise in spending from health and fitness advertisers—but Americans kick any semblance of a healthy lifestyle to the curb when the Super Bowl rolls around. 

Food advertisers know this, so it’s not surprising that many are itching to invest millions to get in front of a hungry audience. 

Here’s what to expect from some top advertisers promoting foods, snacks, and desserts during Super Bowl LVII. 

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What to Expect from Food Advertisers During Super Bowl LVII

Advertisers for snacks and desserts had a relatively uneventful 2022—at least by their standards. Despite spending $2.3b on ads, their investments in Q1, Q2, and Q3 were all down by at least 4% YoY. 

Q4 was their saving grace, increasing by 46% YoY, which drove the category’s overall spending up by 6% for the year. The top three drivers were chocolate, candy, and chips, which accounted for more than $1.26b of the investment. 

Chocolate advertisers, in particular, accounted for more than $660mm, leaning into digital media (39% or $259mm), print (3% print OR $19mm), and TV (58% or $382mm). 

That holiday push, which undoubtedly kicked off during Halloween, is set to continue as we approach the NFL’s biggest day. 


Advertisers for PepsiCo Doritos, for example, are set to launch a Super Bowl ad for the 23rd time—this time featuring Jack Harlow and a TikTok dance contest winner. The “TRY ANOTHER ANGLE” campaign will also feature Missy Elliott and Elton John.

But PepsiCo isn’t just making headlines by bringing some of music’s biggest names together. It’s also making noise by being the first brand to recreate its Super Bowl ad in the Metaverse via Decentraland at Doritos® Triangle Studios

The big push from PepsiCo to promote Doritos comes after a year that saw chip brands invest $301mm in advertising, with 53% going to digital media ($159mm), less than 1% to print ($1.2mm), and the remaining to TV ($141mm).

Meanwhile, Planters (Hormel) will return to the Super Bowl after sitting out in 2022. 

During the third quarter of Super Bowl LVII, Planters’ 30-second TV spot will grace the screens of millions as Jeffrey Ross prepares to roast the brand’s beloved mascot, Mr. Peanut. Overall, in 2022, advertisers for nuts invested 59% of their budget in digital media, 34% in TV, and the remaining in print.

Other food advertisers expected to shine on Sunday include Pringles (Kellogg) and  PopCorners (Frito-Lay), the latter of which is making its Big Game debut with a Breaking Bad revival

For Frito-Lay’s advertisers, the investment in the Super Bowl goes somewhat against its strategy of late. In 2022, advertisers promoting PopCorners leaned heavily into digital media, with more than 68% dedicated to native ads. 


M&M’s (Mars) is also returning for Super Bowl LVII with an ad that’ll run during the second quarter. 

For Mars, its Super Bowl return is more than meets the eye. While the company plans to make waves with its ad, it’ll also serve as an announcement that Maya Rudolph will be replacing “Spokescandies” as the brand’s ambassadors. 

According to the company’s statement, Rudolph will act as the brand’s “Chief of Fun” and “will use her comedic talents and captivating personality to help M&M’s build on its mission to create a world where everyone feels they belong.” 

M&M’s push during the Super Bowl aligns with the company’s 2022 strategy, which saw 53% of its budget dedicated to broadcast and cable ads. Advertisers for M&M’s also invested in online video (12%), magazines (25%), and a mix that included OTT and social media ads.

Other Food Advertisers: Avocados and Mayo

Avocados From Mexico is returning to the Super Bowl for the seventh time, but not with the TV spot we expected. After teasing its ad featuring ChatGPT, the company announced a change of course.  

Instead of featuring the widely popular generative AI tool, the company’s expected to run a 30-second ad starring Anna Faris as Eve (of Adam and Eve).

According to Ivonne Kinser, Vice President of Marketing & Innovation for the best-selling avocado brand in the U.S., “We didn’t hold back with this year’s spot and went all in with the impulse of a brand that is ripe for creative disruption.” 

In other words, this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill Super Bowl ad. 

When the ad goes live, consumers will experience a 360-degree marketing campaign that includes an in-store shopper promotion, a curated home and kitchen accessories line, a unique audio identity, and a digital space that lets them interact with the brand. 

Another familiar food face will also make a 30-second appearance during the Big Game’s third quarter: Unilever’s Hellmann’s. 

Hellmann’s ad will spotlight food waste for the third consecutive year and encourage people to “Make Taste, Not Waste.” The ad, which targets adults aged 25-64, features Jon Hamm and Brie Larson and is set inside Pete Davidson’s refrigerator. 

Food Advertisers Feast

TV ads aren’t new to advertisers promoting snacks. In 2022, these advertisers spent $1.1b on TV ads while spending the rest on digital ($1.1b) and print (nearly $91mm). 

It’s no surprise then that advertisers from PepsiCo., M&M’s, and Avocados From Mexico are gearing up for Sunday—and as they do, they’re dishing out all the stops to grab the attention of an estimated 200mm people tuning in to the Big Game
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