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The Future of Native: Quality begets Quantity


Demand for native campaigns and content has never been higher, triple what it was in January of 2015. The proliferation of this format, however, has not coincided with market-wide understanding of how to optimize it. Thousands of advertisers are purchasing native ads each month – many of them for the first –time. So how do publishers combat low renewal rates and tougher FTC compliance, while simultaneously alleviating consumer misperceptions about native content?

Transparency and quality are key facets endeavor; Michael Monroe of the Atlantic describes this intersection best, saying:

“Not only is transparency the right thing to do from a business standpoint, I think if you’re trying to build a premium long term business, and you want readers to come back over and over, and you want advertisers to come back over and over, transparency is really your only option. If someone feels fooled they will stop reading your content, and if an advertiser sees the engagement dip, or an advertisers brand isn’t represented properly, they’ll stop running. ”

To learn more about navigating the bumpy native terrain and delivering on the format’s potential, watch this short three minute video to get advice directly from the experts in custom content!

  • Sami Main | Digital Media Reporter, Adweek (moderator)
  • Jason Kleinman | Vice President, Brand Solutions and Global Ad Products Strategy, Hearst Digital Media
  • Adam Aston | Vice President & Executive Editorial Director, T Brand Studio, The New York Times
  • Rebecca Scott | Vice President of Brand Strategy, BuzzFeed
  • Michael Monroe | Vice President of Marketing / Head of Re:think, The Atlantic
  • Brian Dell | Creative Director, Quartz
  • Todd Krizelman | Co-Founder & CEO, MediaRadar



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