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The Top 6 Fall TV Shows That Brands like Verizon and McDonald's Adore

The Top 6 Fall TV Shows That Brands like Verizon and McDonald’s Adore

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With the arrival of this year’s fall premiere season, we thought we’d take a look at the best trailers and advertising from autumn’s best TV shows.

According to MediaRadar’s In-Depth Look Into the Current State of TV Advertising, top brands continue spending their advertising dollars on TV, despite the shorter air times.

During autumn of this year, popular brands like Capital One, Verizon, Pepsi, Fandango, Kia, McDonald’s, and Bose chose to advertise during the following shows’ fall premieres. These program premieres accounted for over a total of $45 million in ad revenue.

That got us thinking … What makes a person want to watch a new television show in the first place?

There are many reasons. Did the person’s friend recommend it? Is there a specific actor or director involved in it who the viewer loves? Is the story line compelling or relatable to the person’s own life? Or do the trailers and advertisements draw the viewer in?

MediaRadar’s Snapchat Snapshot proves that new TV advertisements help to initially connect with the general public. It’s generally their first interaction with a new fall television show.

Now, there won’t be any awards given for the best TV trailers and advertisements for a program’s 2018 fall premiere. So, we’re taking matters into our own hands and applauding shows ourselves.

Here are the nominees for the Best Trailers and Ad Campaigns of the fall 2018 TV premiere season.

1. “Manifest”

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This story line is particularly compelling, harping on a boy with leukemia and a time warp. The trailer relies on the emotional pull that makes the movie itself so enjoyable.

During the fall premiere of Manifest, 24 different brands ran ads. Capital One ran two.

2. “The Conners”

Official Trailer

What may be the most intriguing part about this revival is the absence of Roseanne Cherrie Barr, an actress most known for her racist rant and primary role in the once popular program, “Roseanne.”

14 separate brands ran TV ads during this show’s fall launch, including Verizon and Pepsi. Pepsi ran two ads in particular.

3. “A Million Little Things”

Official Trailer

This program resembles “This Is Us.” Emotions run high following the death of a beloved husband, father, and friend.

When autumn rolled around, 27 brands advertised whilst “A Million Little Things” premiered. 3 of these ads were from Fandango.

4. “Single Parents”

Official Trailer

This comedy draws its crowd from certain familiar faces: Leighton Meester from “Gossip Girl,” Taran Killam from “Saturday Night Lives,” and Brad Garrett from “Everybody Loves Ramon.”

“Single Parents” had 12 different brands advertise during its 2018 fall premiere. The car brand, Kia, ran two of these ads.

5. “Happy Together” 

Official Trailer

We missed seeing Damon Wayans Jr. and we’re hoping his new persona is just as hilarious as his characters from “New Girl” and “Happy Endings.”

14 different brands advertised during the premiere of “Happy Together.” Two of those 14 ads were sponsored by the American fast food company: McDonald’s.

6. “All American”

Official Trailer

If you long for the days of “Friday Night Lights,” then look no further. This show strikingly mirrors that program.

38 advertisements ran during the “All American” premiere and Bose capitalized on most of the paid space, promoting three separate ads.