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Netflix and Amazon in the lead in OTT Advertising as March begins


thedrum_4_5.pngThe DRUM – Key Findings:

  • Amazon and Netflix had the strongest digital presence over the past two weeks, running on 72 and 56 sites respectively. Amazon’s most advertised show was Bosch while Netflix pushed Stranger Things the hardest.
  • Hulu and Amazon’s advertising dropped off considerably in terms of TV, dropping from 24 networks to just one, and Amazon not advertising in TV at all. The Path was the only Hulu show advertised via this medium; it was also advertised on 14 websites.
  • Go90 marketed two football centric shows in QB1: Beyond the Lights and MVP Most Valuable Partner, a show in the mold of Shark Tank hosted by Patriot’s tight end, Rob Gronkowski.
  • Heartlandia was Carbon TV’s focus. It is a show about the identity of Middle America, through the eyes of three different personalities.
  • SeeSo spent heavily on My Brother, My Brother and Me, a show released in the middle of February. Interestingly enough, the show was birthed from a podcast of the same name.



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