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Number of Brands Buying Programmatic Native Campaigns is Exploding

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Mobile Marketing Watch – MediaRadar, a leading advertising sales intelligence platform, has announced the results of its latest “MediaRadar Trend Report,” examining programmatic native advertising spending last year.

For the report, MediaRadar analyzed programmatic native adoption over the last twelve months, identifying the number of brands buying programmatic native ads through popular exchanges, such as Nativo, TripleLift, Sharethrough, Unruly, and Bidtellect.

According to a provided statement, with its analysis, MediaRadar uncovered the following:

  • More Than 4,000 Advertisers: In 2016, 4,182 unique advertisers bought programmatic native across programmatic native exchanges.
  • Adoption Grew 86% by Year’s End: Programmatic native surged throughout the year. The total monthly brands buying campaigns increased by 86% from 593.4 in January to 1,133, by November. In Q1 of 2016, on average, 726.3 brands bought campaigns each month. In Q4 of 2016, on average, 1,094.3 brands bought campaigns per month.
  • Still, Penetration Remains Low: In 2016, according to MediaRadar data, 50,605 advertisers placed online ads on just the top-200 largest publishers alone. As a point of comparison, if 4,182 unique advertisers from that group purchased programmatic native, then, on the year, programmatic native adoption among advertisers sat at just 8%.

“The category is still quite small when compared to the overall digital market,” said Todd Krizelman, CEO & Co-Founder of MediaRadar. “Still, if you’re running a programmatic native exchange, given the surge in adoption from Q1 to Q4, this is really encouraging news. There is a lot of opportunity still left to pursue and plenty of headroom for future growth.”

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