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5 Questions B2B Trade Media Should Ask Before Choosing an Ad Sales Intelligence Tool

5 Questions B2B Trade Media Should Ask Before Choosing an Ad Sales Intelligence Tool

A cutting edge ad sales intelligence tool is a worthwhile investment for your company. It can help you determine who to speak with, when to reach out, and what you should say to help increase your close percentage.

While your ad sales intelligence tool can be a secret weapon for closing sales, not all of these tools are cut from the same cloth.

Below, we’ve compiled five questions to ask before making this important investment.

1. Can I trust the information provided: Is it accurate? 

Did you know 26%* of brands that advertise in B2B media don’t purchase print ads? Did you know some data tracking tools only track digital advertisers if they purchase print ads? Don’t lose out on potential prospects due to inaccurate analysis. MediaRadar provides accurate and unified analysis across media formats.

Does an advertiser purchase native ads?
Do they prefer print to digital?
Do they use webinars to promote their products?
Is event sponsorship part of their marketing mix?

With MediaRadar you can know with certainty.

Quickly gaining the answers to these questions (and many others) can help steer a salesperson’s conversation in the right direction by discovering exactly how a brand advertises.

Thanks to a combination of artificial intelligence paired with a human verification and tagging process – data quality and relevance are assured across the board. For example, MediaRadar will tell you whether a brand’s advertisement is part of a corporate or third party campaign, or a co-partnership. It will also show you the size of the campaign and if it spans multiple media channels.

Accuracy of data is also contingent on the freshness of the data, MediaRadar’s insights and analysis are updated daily! Use recent and historical data to see how spending has changed over time and see how your prospects and advertisers have shifted their buying strategy in this increasingly fragmented media landscape.


Sure, it’s relatively simple to get basic insights into a brand. But what’s really special is getting the granular insights of a category, brand, and its hierarchy down to the individual product lines. In an average month, MediaRadar’s research team analyzes over 4mm digital ads and over 64,000 print ads from advertisers purchasing advertising with B2B Trade media**.

MediaRadar can even show you which advertisers favor native advertising, programmatic, sponsorship of white papers, webinars, and online video. These are some of the most important ad units – all high CPM, and can you believe the other vendors don’t track them!

For instance, while looking at Microsoft, you can also gain insights on “Microsoft Cloud” or even “Microsoft Servers”—including their creative in context.

*Source: MediaRadar Q1 2017
**Source: MediaRadar May 2017

microsoft product lines1.jpg.png

2. Is it easy to use?


MediaRadar’s technology was created and is updated with the help of ad sales professionals at media companies. Therefore the user interface is intuitive and seamlessly integrated into multiple data sources, so you don’t have to use multiple services or products to get the answers you need to create a compelling sales pitch.


Yes, since MediaRadar is fully customizable and with end user input, it is used by ad sales teams daily. Filtering targeting to niche audiences means that you can trust the results, and can quickly pinpoint results. B2B media companies choose MediaRadar because sales reps using MediaRadar our services outsell their peers 72% of the time!

This makes it a go-to, everyday tool. The cloud-based information provided is easily-accessible 24 hours a day via Desktop or App.

It’s customized to each rep’s account list and sales territory, alerting you of valuable news and insights about relevant brands. Unlike other tools – which provide data without context – MediaRadar offers advice that can provide the actionable steps necessary to win business.

Today’s B2B ad market is fragmented and it’s increasingly difficult for a busy salesperson to get all the information needed to build the most effective pitch.  To help ad sales reps overcome this challenge, MediaRadar can tell you exactly how to pitch any client.

Think of it like a modern day “Cliff’s Notes” for the ad sales professional – summarizing key points and providing the ammunition needed for reps to deliver a great pitch.

Here are two ways we can help you gain valuable insight into your pitch strategy:

microsoft know when to pitch1.jpg.png

microsoft pitch an integrated buy.jpg.png



Another common barrier for salespeople using data tracking or ad sales intelligence tools is a lack of CRM integration. MediaRadar seamlessly integrates with all major CRM tools.

3. Can I customize it?

Information is only as good as it is accessible. There are plenty of tools that can deliver information to the end user. But is that information relevant, timely and customizable for you, the salesperson?

MediaRadar is tailored specifically to your business and your role. This enables you to receive accurate reporting, advice and alerts, thus helping you to streamline the sales process and catapult your team ahead of the competition.

On average, MediaRadar’s B2B clients gain about 34 digital and 25 print advertisers when they consistently incorporate MediaRadar into their daily work-flow.

MediaRadar doesn’t stop at providing relevant data. It also guides you through the sales process, from finding new prospects and building the pitch, to closing the deal.

microsoft try shifting to digital.jpg.png


microsoft pitch high cpm ads1.jpg.png

direct vs programmatic.png

The tool also lets you demonstrate value by quickly allowing you to create and edit look books to show your prospect how often you write about them.

Most sales intelligence tools rely on broad category filters to find prospects. But with MediaRadar, you can quickly create the perfect prospect list for your business. We’ll only show news, analysis, and creative for the brands that are important to you. Instantly filter the report in countless ways, including peak spending months, geographic location, and much more!

Instantly filter this report by:

  • Peak Spending Months
  • Overall Spend
  • Media Format
  • Location
  • Product Category
  • And more!

With MediaRadar, you can quickly create the perfect customizable prospect list.

microsoft power prospecting report.jpg.png


4. Does it provide pitch talking points and show cross-media creative that I need?


MediaRadar provides accurate and actionable talking points to help build your pitch. You can dive in further to see all data behind the analysis, view recent creative, campaign duration and messaging across media.

microsoft cross format.png


We know that seeing ad creative is critical to gaining the intelligence necessary to close sales. Therefore, we developed the Creative Cheat Sheet—our continuously updated library of print, digital and TV ads that you can filter by advertiser or brand. The Cheat Sheet also offers a full preview of ad spots in context, showing you how and where they ran.

You can even filter a digital view of ads by high CPM, native, video, mobile, and more. Create ad mock-ups in seconds directly from our site to see when and where an ad ran in context.

microsoft campaign creative.png


5. Are they my partner?

This question should be top-of-mind when investing in any ad sales intelligence tool. Consider MediaRadar an extension of your team, therefore MediaRadar is only as successful as you are. MediaRadar provides many training resources specific to your subscription and industry, to make sure every user understands how to use the tool to drive revenue.

You also never want your inquiries to sit in a voicemail or email box indefinitely. At MediaRadar, every client has a dedicated account management team. MediaRadar’s Client Services Team goes beyond generic Q&A.

In fact, MediaRadar’s client services team has won the prestigious Stevie Award® for customer service four years in a row. Your Account Manager is a MediaRadar product expert with ad sales and industry knowledge. He/She is also evaluated on your company growth and success using MediaRadar. As your partner in success, your Account Manager will share best practice advice, industry articles, and custom reports designed to help grow your business. The proof is in the numbers. We provide regular usage and progress updates to help you see a strong return on your investment.