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5 Things Great Reps Do Before they Cold Call

5 Things Great Reps Do Before They Cold Call – Webinar Replay

Success in ad sales and new business development is just as much a science as it is an art.

In this webinar replay MediaRadar’s CEO, Todd Krizelman, shares five simple pre-call steps to help you win more deals.

From understanding your prospects’ needs to knowing your value within the market, Todd helps you break through the noise and get the meeting.

This actionable webinar will help you prepare for your next call.

During the webinar replay you will learn how to:

  • Take control of the call from the very first step
  • Figure out which prospects to focus on first
  • Determine how valuable your prospect finds your audience
  • Make your communication with every prospect compelling

Watch the Webinar

What they’re saying about the webinar:

“Great info, thanks for sharing. Loved that it was informative, quick & to the point. Good tips!”

“Really great useful and practical tips, I enjoyed the laid back style, very easy to understand him and he spoke slowly but with passion.”

“Smart take-away for me was a reminder on how much time to spend on composing an email to prospect!”

“Wonderful information, and fantastic tips!!”

“Easy to understand and follow. I am a seasoned seller and am happy to hear reinforcement of my selling methodologies. It never hurts to hear that you’re doing things correctly. Thanks!”

“It was informative. It reassures me of the simple rules to follow and not to take for granted.”

“Many thanks for the really helpful, clearly articulated and inspiring webinar! I’m just disappointed that my Client meeting ran long, so that I joined the webinar late (about 20 mins in.).”

“I was struck by how lucid and true all your points were/are, and by the fact that many aspects of the specific advice are, as you say, straightforward – may even seem simple. But … difficult to execute with discipline, careful thought, and to do so, consistently!”

“I look forward to applying the excellent reminders + fresh new thoughts, & recommendations you shared today.”

Watch the Webinar