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Automakers Use Advertising to Drive Sales

We were so excited to work with MediaPost’s Marketing Daily to discuss our data regarding the state of auto sales. What we found out was fascinating and right up our alley! It turns out, auto companies boosted their digital spend this year, increasing their online advertising behavior. All six automakers increased their online advertising, here’s the breakdown: GM placed on 68% more sites, FCA-80%,Nissan Motor-90%, Honda-73%, Toyota-67%, and Ford, coming in the lead with a whopping online ad boost of 97%. Read the full article here where MediaRadar CEO, Todd Krizelman, discusses how automakers increased their online presence through native advertising.

Our collaboration with MediaPost uncovered some really interesting data that we wanted to dive into a bit more. In our bi-monthly contribution to Media Industry Newsletter (MIN), Todd concentrates on how advertising helped influence the sale of light trucks, specifically. For the full article, please click here.

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