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(post) B2B Out-of-Home is as Popular As Ever

B2B Out-of-Home is as Popular As Ever

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Direct mail is down and print advertising is dropping even faster. Given all the alternative digital and physical ad formats, B2B publishers may not have the same niche audience that they used to. 

Earlier this year, we covered the four types of B2B advertising to watch in 2019. The main takeaway here was that B2B advertisers are getting more creative with their ad options. 

And it looks like billboards and digital signage will be a big part of the new mix. 

B2B out-of-home advertising is growing — OOH as a whole was up 7.7 percent in Q2 2019. AdWeek reported that the format hasn’t seen similar growth since before the last recession. “Nearly 70% of the top 100 advertisers in the space increased their spend in the second quarter compared to the same timeframe last year, while 25% more than doubled their OOH investment,” AdWeek reports. 

Some employees at MediaRadar even took photos of the B2B out-of-home ads they saw around New York this month!

But first: what does the conversation around B2B OOH look like? 

B2B OOH: Better Measurability and Accessibility 

Part of the growth of OOH is the new way it can be incorporated into marketing campaigns. 

B2B marketers have never been accused of being flashy or adventurous. Most of the time, they focus on driving measurable results in the most efficient way possible,” writes James Heller at MarTechSeries. These ‘more efficient’ approaches typically include direct mail, content marketing and account-based marketing. 

Heller goes on: “OOH advertising, on the other hand, has traditionally been thought of as a consumer marketing tactic. But that is changing, especially for technology companies. It’s more straightforward and measurable than ever before.”

B2B advertising tools now focus on enabling B2B advertisers to plan and purchase out-of-home ads, build the format into their cross-channel campaigns and even place OOH ads programmatically

OOH is also more measurable than it used to be. As Heller points out: “Using technology and data, brands can target and measure impressions; attribute online and offline activity to OOH advertising exposure; and retarget people who have seen OOH ads.” 

OOH seems to be a popular option for B2B advertisers looking to think outside the box a little; and the strategy seems to work. 

Nielsen found that 33 percent of a B2B audience looked up information on an advertiser after seeing an out-of-home ad. Nearly a quarter visited the advertiser’s website, and 15 percent visited the advertiser’s social media page. 

B2B OOH Advertising in New York

MediaRadar team members spotted these B2B creatives out in the wild this week: 

Zoho One

Zoho One provides integrated software for sales, marketing, support, accounting, operations, and HR. Zoho spends under $100 million in advertising every year across multiple formats. 


Looker is a “business intelligence software and big data analytics platform that helps you explore, analyze and share real-time business analytics.” The B2B brand doesn’t have much of an advertising profile, but Google bought Looker Data Sciences earlier this year, meaning expanded marketing efforts.


WalkMe is a software-as-a-service company that helps users navigate the features of other web-based services.

Outfront Media

Outfront Ad

Outfront Media owns OOH advertising space across the Continental US. Advertisers can choose from billboards, digital display, transit ads (like this one in a subway station,) street furniture, sporting arenas, and more.

Monday Ad is a team management platform that helps businesses stay organized. They offer template solutions for many use cases, including client projects, product management, sales pipeline tracking, recruiting, and many more.


Lattice Ad

Lattice is a San Fancisco -based software-as-a-service startup that facilitates performance management. Their solution aids in the process of performance reviewing, goal setting, offering feedback, 1:1 meetings, praise, and updates.

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