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Email Advertising Insights from ABM’s Annual Conference

I recently attended and spoke at the ABM’s 2014 Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. I presented some insightful research we’ve been doing surrounding Email newsletter advertising. Email newsletters have been vital to b-to-b publishers for many years, but the ubiquity of mobile media has now increased the importance of Email in the advertising mix.

In my presentation, which can be viewed here, I discussed the size of the Email market in the b-to-b world, as well as some tactics that can be effective to lift Email ad sales.

A few notable data points from the presentation:

  1. Nearly one third of Email advertisers in b-to-b media properties ONLY buy Email advertising. 54% of Email advertisers also buy print advertising, and 47% of Email advertisers also buy Online advertising.
  2. Emails newsletters with only one ad, making up 30% of all Email newsletters, are more common than those with multiple ads. However, there is some variation among b-to-b segments. For example: In agriculture titles, email newsletters with 3 ads are most common.
  3. Dedicated, single advertisers Email newsletters make up 38% of all Email newsletters, and use of these high CPM ads are increasing. Again, there is some variation between b-to-b segments. 28% of Email newsletters in Auto are dedicated, while 46% are dedicated in Manufacturing.

The market is always evolving, so we will be sure to keep reporting on all the current trends in Email advertising.