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MediaRadar Native Advertising Roundup: February 2018

Who uses native advertising? Quite a lot of brands, actually. In fact, native advertising is one of the fastest growing products in digital advertising today.

In an effort to highlight the brands taking full advantage of native, MediaRadar has been providing a native advertising monthly roundup, where we choose four noteworthy campaigns, offering brief insights into the brand’s native strategy.

Last month, we highlighted native campaigns from Google, Sony, PayPal, and Asurion.

This month we move away from tech, however, and into a diverse group of native advertisers.

MediaRadar’s native ad roundup for February 2018 includes the likes of HomeGoods, Inc.Reebok ClassicsWendy’s, and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.


HomeGoods, Inc.

TJX brand HomeGoods is currently running the largest native campaign tracked by MediaRadar. The campaign currently spans 30 websites, where native ads account for 95% of the brand’s tracked ads. The brand has a 77% renewal rate.


Reebok Classics

Reebok Classic.jpg
Reebok Classics launched its first native campaign in January. The campaign currently spans 22 websites, including Runner’s World and Women’s Health.



Wendy’s has recently launched a new campaign. It is currently running across 16 websites, four of which are also running video ads for the brand. Native currently accounts for more than 80% of the total number of ads tracked for the brand.


Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company is currently running the broadest native campaign tracked by MediaRadar. The brand has placed native ads on 40 different websites, many of which were placed directly as opposed to programmatically. The average duration per site is four months.

Be sure to stay tuned to see who makes the cut in March!