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MediaRadar Native Advertising Roundup: July – August 2018

MediaRadar Native Advertising Roundup: July – August 2018

Since the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s December 2015 release of Native Advertising: A Guide for Business, the use of native advertising has increased dramatically. In 2017, more money was spent on native advertising than any other form of display advertising and that amount only continues to rise. Advertisers and publishers are not the only advocates of native advertising campaigns; now, Google is too. The audience, who finds native to be deceptive, should develop the ability to spot native advertising to ready themselves because this form doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.

Fresh Market Stats:

Towards the beginning of August, 257 new campaigns ran and 61 brands placed native ads on more than ten sites. 2,638 active buyers of native advertising were recorded between July 30th and August 5th and 1,204 brands announced a renewal rate of 70%. Just last week, another 250 new campaigns ran and 63 brands placed native ads on more than ten sites. 2,472 active buyers of native advertising were recorded between August 6th and August 12th and 1,196 brands announced a renewal rate of 70% during that time as well.

Back in March, we saw some interesting native advertising campaigns and statistics from the likes of Charles Schwab, AT&T, Inc., MetroPCS, and Disney Vacations. August’s recap consists of analysis from the first two weeks of this month. We’re going to take a look at native advertising campaigns from H&M and Refinery29, Black & Decker and Buzzfeed, bareMinerals and Buzzfeed, San Pellegrino and Bon Appetit, REI and Tastemade, and Puma and Highsnobiety.

Let’s take a look at July and August highlights in native advertising:

H&M and Refinery29


Over the course of one month, one of our favorite native advertising campaigns ran across 16 sites. That campaign, which was created by H&M and Refinery29, read “Here’s What College Kids Are Actually Wearing in 2018” and depicted a young woman leaning against a tree. It received a renewal rate of 50%.

Black & Decker and Buzzfeed

Black & Decker

Black & Decker and Buzzfeed’s one-month native advertising campaign read “I Faced My Fear of Power Tools and now I Never Have to Call a Handyperson Again.” It ran across 37 websites in total. With the help of two programmatic partners, Nativo and Triplelift, the campaign also received a renewal rate of 43%.

bareMinerals and Buzzfeed


We wanted to highlight bareMinerals and Buzzfeed’s “The Power of Good. Good Goes beyond Good Makeup” native advertising campaign. Over one month, it ran across 24 websites. Along with Nativo, their programmatic partner, bareMinerals and Buzzfeed received a renewal rate of 25% for their campaign.

San Pellegrino and Bon Appetit

San Pellegrino

Our favorite native advertising campaign from last week was one run by San Pellegrino and Bon Appetit. The campaign lasted one month and depicted a beach picnic in L.A. chef-style. Since its launch, the campaign spanned ten websites in total; at its conclusion, the campaign had received a renewal rate of 30%.

REI and Tastemade


One of the new native advertising campaigns we wanted to highlight was made by REI and Tastemade. The ad slogan read “Foraged and Found” and captured an image of a woman hiking in the woods. With the help of programmatic partner, Sharethrough, the campaign lasted one month, ran across six sites, and received a 17% renewal rate.

Puma and Highsnobiety


Puma and Highsnobiety’s native advertising campaign is another one that we wanted to showcase. Over the course of one month, the ad slogan, “How Nipsey Hussle Hustled His Way to Mainstream Rap Success,” made its way across eight websites in total. It received a renewal rate of 25%.


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