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MediaRadar Native Advertising Roundup: Late August 2018

Fresh Market Stats

Since our last roundup, 232 new native campaigns ran. Last week, 49 brands also placed native ads on more than ten sites. 2,062 active buyers of native advertising were recorded between August 20th and August 27th and 1,195 brands announced a renewal rate of 70%.

Let’s take a look at the highlights in native advertising from late August:

Puma Native Ad

Puma and Hypebeast

Over the course of one month, one of our favorite native advertising campaigns ran across seven websites. The ad, “How “In My Feelings” Producer TrapMoneyBenny Continues to Reinvent His Sound,” portrayed a famous music producer rocking out in his studio. The campaign received a renewal rate of 29%.

Nordstrom Native Ad

Nordstrom and Popsugar

For one month, the department store ran an eye-catching native advertising campaign across 38 sites. The ad copy leveraged the infamous Kardashian name, saying “Khloe Kardashian created the Ultimate Black Leggings. And You Can Shop Them All at Nordstrom.” With the help of two programmatic partners, Nativo and Triplelift, this campaign received a 29% renewal rate.

Ford Native Ad

Ford and Curbed

In the span of two months, the multinational automaker ran a native advertising campaign across 71 websites. In the ad reading “Prefab Smart Home is Solar Powered by Design,” a Ford is parked under a solar-powered garage. Along with three programmatic partners, Nativo, Sharethrough, and Triplelift, the ad received a renewal rate of 43%.