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MediaRadar’s 12 Ads of Christmas: 10 Sleepers Sleeping

On the tenth day of Christmas, MediaRadar sent to me… 10 Sleepers Sleeping!

We’re back with more fun ads, in the third of our 12 Ads of Christmas posts. And be wary, because these 10 ads are so good that they might keep you up at night…

So far, we’ve sent 12 Engines Humming and 11 Cards a-Swiping.

Today, however, rise and shine, because we’re bringing you this year’s best in sleep-related ads!

Let us once again recap the original version of the “12 Days of Christmas”:

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,
Twelve Drummers Drumming,
Eleven Pipers Piping,
Ten Lords a-Leaping,
Nine Ladies Dancing,
Eight Maids a-Milking,
Seven Swans a-Swimming,
Six Geese a-Laying,
Five Gold Rings,
Four Calling Birds,
Three French Hens,
Two Turtle Doves,
And a Partridge in a Pear Tree!”

From mattresses, to New York City, to pillows, street signs, and monsters, these ads will give you plenty to dream about while Santa fills your stocking and coats your floor with a bounty of gifts.

The following 10 brands tell us of the mattresses that even holiday excitement cannot defeat. The mattresses that make Christmas morning come in a blink!

It’s fun as an adult to recall the inability to sleep as a child, knowing Santa was just minutes away from crawling down the chimney. Sometimes, however, it’s even more fun to simply get a terrific night of sleep.

The following 10 ads are offering just that. Let’s take a look at this year’s best mattress advertisements:


Tempur-Pedic – “Pressure”

We start our list off with an ace…

Serena Williams is no stranger to pressure. But how has she become one of the greatest athletes of all time? Well, for one, her Tempur-Pedic mattress.

According to the ad, Williams has been a Tempur-Pedic owner for 10 years. Despite the “weight of history on her shoulders,” she feels light and sleeps deep every single night.

In this ad, “sleep is power.” And for someone with a 120 mph tennis serve, we trust that Serena knows power when she sees it.


Helix – “Sleep Like Yourself”

On the night before Christmas, you may lie in bed, eager-eared, actively listening for Santa’s rooftop patter.

On every other night of the year, however, sleep is sleep. And regardless of how you sleep, Helix has got you covered.

This particular ad was made for everyone.

In the ad, Helix shows an assortment of people as an assortment of sleepers – the side sleeper, the back sleeper, the one that tosses and turns, and the one that sleeps like a baby.

Regardless of how you interact with your mattress, however, Helix mattresses are designed to bring you the best night’s sleep possible. So once Santa has moved along, and the gifts are all opened, Helix lets you return to your bed for a night of relaxation.


Casper – “What Do You Dream About on Your Mattress?”

The city that never sleeps? Oh no, not in this ad. Because, while Christmas in New York City is an amazing site, we all need our sleep.

As you’ll see, mattress companies are very fond of long form video ads. This is a great example.

In this long-form ad from Casper, the world belongs to Michael Rapaport. It’s his city, his mattress, and his dream of world peace. Casper’s amazing scientists created the world’s most comfortable mattress just for him.

And although he cannot explain the “mattress science” behind his comfort, he surely appreciates it.

This Christmas, keep that in mind. Treat your loved ones just like Casper’s scientists treat Michael Rapaport. 


Sleep Number – “Sleep Like a Rockstar”

The message in this ad resonates a bit more around the holidays.


Because whether they know it or not, Sleep Number is selling a feeling that children (and most likely many adults that are just afraid to show it) feel every year when they wake up for Christmas.

Another tagline Sleep Number could have used for this one – “feel like it’s Christmas, every morning.”

Much like children do on Christmas, the woman in the ad rises exuberantly, playing air guitar and jumping on her bed, waking her husband. She’s excited, ecstatic. She simply feels great – like a rockstar – and wants the world to know it.

The source of her excitement is the amazing night sleep she got from her Sleep Number mattress.

So, to turn this analogy on its head, MediaRadar hopes that this year, Christmas morning brings you and your loved ones the feeling of sleeping on a Sleep Number mattress…


Serta – “Declare Peace”

This ad presents the struggle of busy humans. Our days long, work overwhelming, and families time-consuming.

But then, they ask, what if “there was a place to declare peace?”


This Serta ad resonates on a number of different levels. The message goes well beyond mattresses, and well beyond the holidays.

They speak of a place where we can put the world on pause, and make our troubles disappear. For some, the holidays have the ability to do exactly that, if only for a few minutes.


Mattress Firm – “Intersection of Comfort and Value”

Mattress Firm has shown an affinity (and an aptitude) for mimicking other pieces of pop culture in their ads.

This ad is for a Sleepy’s mattress, now offered by Mattress Firm – “at the intersection of comfort and value.”

This particular ad shows a man, literally at an intersection, at the corner of Comfort and… Ridge Ave?

He sets out to change that, however, in a Nathan Fielder-esque display of seemingly strange questions and ideas.

He works his way through the small town of Mount Holly, NJ, looking for support, coming up almost entirely empty, until one resident, Julie, stays “true to her word” and shows up to help him.

It’s an interesting way to get the message across, but nonethless, effective.


Sealy – “Sleep Hacks”

In a series of video ads, Sealy offers their “sleep hacks.” They present a mattress problem, and a simple solution to fix that problem.

In this particular example, they present the problem of having “taco bed.” A bed that’s old and sagging in the middle.

According to Sealy, “that’s no good.”

The solution, of course? Sealy Posturepedic Technology.

Sealy found an interesting way to present real problems while being creative in presenting their product.


Purple – “Happy Holidays from the Sasquatch Family”

It’s very clear that Purple has taken advantage of their startup mentality within their advertising. Meaning, their ads are sometimes… A bit strange, to say the least.

Purple is also fond of long-form video ads, as is evident above.

They’re also fond of creating new ideas and instilling them in their ads. For example, they have been using the “raw egg test” to demonstrate whether a mattress is good or not.

Purple works with a lot of freedom. They’ve created their own ad space to live in – their YouTube channel has racked up over 281,000,000 views.

For a mattress company, that is quite a hefty number of views. In a certain sense, we could consider Purple a very successful YouTube channel that also sells mattresses.


Tuft and Needle – “Mattress Stores are Risky”

This commercial is an ode to a cereal classic – Life’s “Mikey Likes It” ads – which talk about all the things Mikey doesn’t like, before unveiling that even Mikey likes Life cereal.

In the Tuft and Needle edition, Mikey is replaced with Xander, and much like his Vin Diesel name sake, Xander Cage, he is a fiend for thrills.

Even Xander, however, won’t take the risk of making a trip to the mattress store.

Going to the mattress store is commonly known as one of the most uncomfortable shopping experiences, ironically so, seeing as you are literally shopping for comfort.

Tuft and Needle’s top selling point is that they allow you to buy a comfy mattress
from the comfort of your own home.


John Lewis – “Moz the Monster”

This is less a mattress ad, and more a thoughtful sleep ad, and has become one of the most popular holiday ads this year, currently with over 9 million views on YouTube.

John Lewis makes a fitting choice in this ad, using the Beatles’ “Golden Slumbers” for the commercials’ soundtrack (although not sung by the Beatles).

The commercial details how Moz, the monster under the bed, is affecting a young boy’s daily life. Instead of sleeping, the boy spends his nights playing with Moz. He ends up falling asleep in various places, including the classroom and on the soccer pitch.

Moz isn’t an evil monster, however, and realizes the negative ramifications he is having on the young boy’s life.

With this, he figures out just the gift to help the child sleep better… A night light!

With the night light on, the child sleeps soundly, and the caption, “For gifts that brighten their world” appears, seeming extremely apt… That is, until he turns the night light off and the playful monster returns to snore once again!

In the end, mattress brands tend to instill humanity in all of us, reminding us that we need sleep, and that we should not ignore it.

Sometimes, we all can use a break, and the greatest break of all is a good night sleep. Whether the answer lies in a new mattress or not, MediaRadar wishes you the most relaxing and worry-free holiday the world can offer.

In the meantime, prepare for our next post, where our Nine Ladies Dancing may be looking for a plus one.