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MediaRadar’s 12 Ads of Christmas: 3 Sofa Beds

MediaRadar’s 12 Ads of Christmas: 3 Sofa Beds

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This week we continue the tradition of recapping the most notable brands spending on advertising across ad tech platforms, consumer media and B2B industries. And, of course, this is all styled after the most involved carol out there: the 12 Days of Christmas. 

On the third day of Christmas, MediaRadar sent to me:

12 Engines Revving
11 Boxes Shipping

10 Brands a-Sponsoring

9 Pharmas Placing

8 Planes a-Flying

7 Banks a-Buyin’

6 DSPs Distributing

5 Onion Riiiiings!

4 Rolling Tractors

3 sofa beds
(that’s today!)
2 ???
And a ???

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Today, we look at three ‘sofa beds’ instead of the more traditional three ‘French hens’. 

These are the top three furniture brands advertising programmatically in 2019 — both among DTC and major brick and mortar retailers. 

We’ve written a-plenty on programmatic advertising this year, ranging from the top industries buying programmatic ads to what programmatic ad spend looks like in Q4

Maybe these advertisers will give us an even better picture of how an industry spends programmatically. Without further introduction, these are the three top spenders. 


Wayfair, a fast-growing furniture and home goods equivalent to Amazon, spent the most on programmatic ads by a long shot. The eCommerce platform has spent $12 million on programmatic advertising so far this year. Wayfair partners with over 25 programmatic partners to serve ads on properties as diverse as The Chronicle of the Horse. It also made our list of the top DTC brands spending the most on programmatic advertising last quarter. In that report, we wrote that Wayfair “positions itself against other eCommerce giants like Amazon and Walmart with the promise of both range and 2-day shipping.” 

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel spent just over half what Wayfair spent on programmatic advertising in 2019: $7 million in total, so far. The brand partners with over 20 programmatic providers, placing programmatic ads on major consumer-focused properties like HGTV. Crate & Barrel was also included in our list of top retail and wholesaler advertisers

Bed, Bath, & Beyond 

Bed, Bath & Beyond, like many other brick and mortar retailers, has seen its revenue and stock prices fall in the past five years or so. Despite the adversity, BBBY is still a big player in digital advertising — we reported the retailer as a top spender in mobile advertising earlier this year. The retailer has spent $6 million on programmatic advertising in 2019 alone.