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4 rolling tractors

MediaRadar’s 12 Ads of Christmas: 4 Rolling Tractors

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This week we continue the tradition of recapping the most notable brands spending on advertising across ad tech platforms, consumer media and B2B industries. And, of course, this is all styled after the most involved carol out there: the 12 Days of Christmas.

On the fourth day of Christmas, MediaRadar sent to me:

12 Engines Revving
11 Boxes Shipping

10 Brands a-Sponsoring

9 Pharmas Placing

8 Planes a-Flying

7 Banks a-Buyin’

6 DSPs Distributing

5 Onion Riiiiings!

4 Rolling Tractors (that’s today!)
3 ???
2 ???
And a ???

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Up today: four calling birds are replaced by four rolling tractors. 

Collectively, the farming and agricultural equipment industry spent has spent less than $50 million on display advertising in 2019. In general, B2B display advertising is either down or flat year-over-year. If you get even more niche (such as tractor brands), you can imagine the numbers are even smaller. 

But that doesn’t mean the spending isn’t there. For those advertising, which brands are doing the most? Here are the top four tractor brands advertising within the B2B space in 2019. 

John Deere Tractors

John Deere is one of the biggest names in agricultural equipment, both for consumer and B2B audiences. The brand, part of the larger Deere & Company, generally runs print and display ads on niche B2B publications like Farm Journal and America’s Horse. 

john deere ad


Grasshopper is as niche as B2B brands come, focusing on riding mowers for home and agricultural use. The brand relies on partnerships with both local suppliers (like Green Hill Farms, serving Western Pennsylvania) and industry properties like Farm Equipment, an online and print monthly magazine. 


The Bobcat brands is nearly synonymous with heavy duty equipment, including use within the agricultural industry. While information on advertising spend is light, Bobcat features in plenty of local news and industry publications, both in the form of news stories and press releases


With farm equipment and mowers, Kubota was certainly a contender for the top tractor advertisers this year. Ads run the gamut from mower display ads on Mother Earth News to full page print ads showing the brand’s tractor planters in Top Producer. 

kubota ad