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MediaRadar's 12 Ads of Christmas: 6 Diamond Rings

MediaRadar’s 12 Ads of Christmas: 6 Diamond Jewels

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We’ve officially begun the second half of our 12 Ads of Christmas blog series!

MediaRadar has sent you 12 Engines Humming11 Cards a-Swiping10 Sleepers Sleeping9 Shoes a-Sneaking8 Hairs a-Trimming, and 7 Kids a-Playing so far.

What’s next?

In the original 12 Days of Christmas, next would be “Six Geese a-Laying”:

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,
Twelve Drummers Drumming,
Eleven Pipers Piping,
Ten Lords a-Leaping,
Nine Ladies Dancing,
Eight Maids a-Milking,
Seven Swans a-Swimming,
Six Geese a-Laying,
Five Gold Rings,
Four Calling Birds,
Three French Hens,
Two Turtle Doves,
And a Partridge in a Pear Tree!”

However, MediaRadar‘s version is different. Instead of “Six Geese a-Laying,” we’re bringing you six diamond jewels.

Many people begin pondering who is most important in their lives once the holiday season rolls around, bringing about more life-changing moments and life-changing questions than the rest of the year.

One of these questions, of course, is “will you marry me?”

Whether you’re tying a bow or the knot, however, the holiday season is still all about giving. Join us in ringing in the new year, as we give you the ads that could make your holiday, and perhaps the rest of your life, a whole lot better.

Here are our six favorite jewelry ads from this year:

1. Helzberg Diamonds – “Nintendo Switch System”

It’s always nice to receive a helping hand, especially during the holidays.

There are husbands out there who desperately want to give their wives the expensive gift the women desire and deserve, but who cannot afford to buy it.

Helzberg Diamonds helps.

Not only does the brand run great holiday deals, but it also gives customers a free Nintendo Switch system with their purchase. That way, a husband can buy the tennis bracelet his wife’s always wanted and even get the perfect present for his son for free at the same time, just like the father in this ad.

Helzberg Diamonds spent almost $2 million on TV ads during quarter four (Q4) 2017. The brand has already spent more this year.

2. Kay Jewelers – “Neil Lane Bridal Engagement Rings”

Sometimes, a proposal isn’t just for the person you want to marry.

In this Kay Jewelers ad, a man sits across from someone, who we can’t yet see, saying in all sincerity …

“Julie means more to me than anything. I wanted to ask you before I ask her. Do I have your permission to marry her?”

Sometimes, a proposal is also for a stepchild. The commercial pans to Julie’s son, a young boy, who’s smiling.

The brand spent more than $55 million on TV ads between October and November 2017. Kay Jewelers has already spent more this year.

3. Pandora – “Christmas 2018”

We all think of the ones we love and the memories we’ve shared with them during the holidays. Pandora’s jewelry is like a channel to those wonderful moments. 

In the beginning of this ad, a young woman picks up a pair of Pandora earrings as she’s getting dressed and is immediately reminded of one special night where her girlfriend gifted them to her over a romantic restaurant dinner.

In another moment, a grandmother fiddles with the ring around her finger as she’s washing dishes and a flashback takes her to the scene where her daughter gave her the piece. The woman was sitting on a chair by the fireplace with her grandchild in her arms.

Pandora spent nearly $14 million on TV ads during Q4 last year. This brand is on track to spend the same amount this year.

4. Alex & Ani – “#BeABetterGifter”

Like Helzberg Diamonds, Alex & Ani also understands how hard it is to find the perfect presents for your family and friends.

Instead of giving you direct advice, though, the brand reminds you that it’s really the thought that counts.

As long as “you give from the heart” and “you give with love,” you’ll find a magical, thoughtful, and festive gift, especially on Alex & Ani‘s holiday list, for everyone you love.

The brand spent more than $4 million on TV ads between October and November 2017. This year, Alex & Ani is on track to spend less.

5. Jared – “Dare To Be Devoted – Gifting”

It doesn’t matter if other people think that you’re too old, young, different, or far apart to love each other or to be in a committed and loving relationship.

The brand wants you be independent, to be bold, and to be fearless. Jared hopes that holiday gifts of its jewelry will show the power of one’s devotion for their lover.

During Q4 2017, it spent over $34 million on TV ads. The brand is on track to spend the same amount this year.

6. Zales – “Take Her Breath Away”

We all know that our loved ones wow and support us in so many ways, but that we take them for granted sometimes. The holidays are the perfect time to show them how much they really mean to you.

In this Zales commercial, a woman in a red dress walks elegantly down a spiral staircase. A man downstairs, entranced by her beauty, watches her, approaches her with a box, and then kisses her.

If “she takes your breath away … this holiday, return the favor.” In this case, Zales means give her jewelry styled to her taste.

During October and November 2017, this brand spent more than $32 million on TV ads. Zales has spent even more this year already.

In the end, it’s important for everyone to feel unique and loved, especially during the holidays, and there’s no bigger and better means of expressing that than with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Tune into our next post to see our rendition of Five Gold Rings!

*All Q4 2018 predictions are made by comparing October/November spend YoY