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Notable Native Ads Roundup: October 2017

In the past 30 days, MediaRadar has tracked 4,500 brands running native ads! In this month’s Notable Native Ads Roundup, we select four noteworthy native ad campaigns to highlight – sharing a couple of quick insights for each.  

target ad.jpg


In the past month, Target placed native ads on 15 websites.

Target pairs its native ads with video or mobile ads on 10 of those websites, including PureWow.comFitness, and AllRecipes.

krylon ad.jpg

Krylon paint launched its first native ad campaign in mid-September. The campaign spans over 25 websites, including the New York Daily News, and

Over 1,800 native ads have been tracked for the brand.

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cdw ad.jpg


Last month, CDW ran one of the largest native advertising campaigns. MediaRadar tracked over 4,000 native ads for the brand.

CDW places most of its native ads directly, as opposed to using native exchanges, and has a renewal rate of over 50%.

Golden Isles Georgia Ad.jpg

Golden Isles Georgia

Golden Isles Georgia began its first native campaign September 1st. Native ads account for over 90% of the ads tracked for the brand in the past month.