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Programmatic Native: The Next Step in Display Advertising

So what is Programmatic Native?

Programmatic Native allows you to better integrate with your audience’s viewing patterns.


In a symbiotic union of display, native, and programmatic, programmatic native allows brands to control more of their messaging, while simultaneously producing in-feed advertising.


It is ad creative that is served in or adjacent to the editorial of a website, placed programmatically. There is no sponsored editorial (advertorial), but rather in-feed display advertising that matches the host site’s style. 

Why Programmatic Native?

Audiences are becoming more and more used to blocking out generic display advertising. Do you remember who was advertising on the sides of the last web page you visited?

When people that are already utilizing native hear the term “programmatic native,” they likely brush it aside.

For most people, native is a way to make a stronger connection with their audiences via storytelling. They want to control their narrative, and message.

The great part about programmatic native is that it doesn’t compete with native content, but rather display ads. It is display advertising made smarter.


It provides greater click through rates – up to 4X as high as its traditional display counterparts.

According to Sharethrough data, “In-feed ads receive twice as much visual focus and over 300 times as much attention from audiences.” Furthermore, ads that match the stylistic design of a website are a lot more likely to gain the user’s attention.

Take this American Express Ad on Sports Illustrated, for instance:



The ad fully complies with FTC guidelines, while simultaneously integrating with the website’s design. The result, is an ad that minimally impacts user experience, but also provides the advertiser with a greater return on investment.

What does the market for Programmatic Native like?

It is crucial to remember that the format is still in its infancy, but it is growing fast.


According to MediaRadar data, as of Q2 2017, only 2.5% of all advertisers had adopted the format. Looking at Q2 year over year, however, shows a growth rate of 42%, from 2,100 advertisers in Q2 2016, to 2,981 in Q2 2017.

Advertiser renewal rates are currently mixed, with only 20% of the brands from the first half of 2016 running during the same period in 2017.

As with most new formats, large national brands makeup the majority of early adopters. There are, however, multiple vendors in the space ready to help you optimize your digital advertising solutions. Including some of MediaRadar’s partners:


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