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Q4 2023 12 for ‘24 – Alcohol

As we conclude 2023 and look toward the new year, MediaRadar reviewed advertising within the alcohol space.

Whether this sector is quickly advancing or slowly rebounding, gain insights to create strategic outreach and make informed media planning decisions for your clients.

Read on for our exclusive analysis of this category poised to fizzle up in 2024 based on the latest national advertising insights. For more updates like this, stay tuned. Subscribe to our blog for more.

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MediaRadar’s data sample estimates over $1.4 billion spent by 1.6k companies through November 2023. Ad spend dipped by 3% YoY and the number of companies was down by 8% compared to the same period last year. 

Q1 saw the largest reduction at 15% YoY and Q2 and Q3 were down 2% to 3% YoY. Yet so far, Q4 started with October and November both up at least by 10% YoY. 

Overwhelmingly, the beer advertisers drive the alcohol space contributing over $740 million, over half of the category’s spend.

12 Alcohol Advertisers to Watch in 2024

Twelve top spending alcohol brands ranging from beer to wine accessories that increased this year are highlighted below. Each spent more than $9 million and several capitalized on the Super Bowl LVII’s plash of expanding alcohol brands. Over $376mm was invested from these 12 beer, wine, and spirits advertisers after a collective 114% YoY increase through November. 

Bud Light poured over $113 million into advertising through November. That’s a 48% YoY increase.  TV increasing by 35% YoY to almost $90mm was in part of the Super Bowl LVII appearance. Its peak spending geared up again as football season commenced. Weekend afternoon TV ads nearly reached $8mm followed by daytime ads placed around $4mm. Digital spending, driven by OLV, bumped up by 141% YoY to over $23mm. There’s an upcoming RFP predicted in May too.

The Crown Royal Company, another alcohol brand that made 2023’s big game, spent more than $46 million through November. That’s increasing advertising by 33% YoY compared to 2022. Super Bowl LVII’s audience wasn’t the only to see the brand on TV, but over $27mm of the $46mm of TV ads were placed on Pro Football programming. The whiskey brand has the most video spend with Fox, CBS,, and NBC, which captured 62% of its $44mm invested towards video ads through TV, OTT, and OLV. 

Miller Lite increased by 18% YoY to $44mm and the majority of dollars were dedicated to TV sports fans this year. Fox, ESPN, and CBS sacked 43% of its video ad spend of $41mm. TV ads were 11 to 30 seconds long while other formats saw a wider length range of 1 to 15 seconds. Miller Lite spent the most OTT and OLV budget on mid-roll placements, which accounted for a quarter the combined OTT and OLV investment of $9.76 mm. Integrated peak spending for the beer brand happened Q3. 

Busch invested over $25 million after a 122% YoY increase through November. It was another beer brand showing up for the Super Bowl LVII, not only during the big game, but also for Pregame show audiences. Busch’s TV ads were also seen during episodes of The Office, NASCAR Cup Series and impractical jokers among hundreds of other shows This drove the cable spend’s over 1000% spike to surpass broadcast investment to $13mm; broadcast networks captured $10mm. There’s a predicted RFP in May, so dig into the details of the digital format expansions with MediaRadar.

Blue Moon Brewing Company, another Molson Coors’ brand, nearly reached $25 million in ad dollars this year after upping spend by 87% YoY. Its TV ads increased by 44% YoY to 67% of the overall advertising. Its digital spend surged by over 380% YoY to $8mm. Online video surpassed a $4.7mm investment so far. Both Facebook and Instagram advertising jumped by over 120% YoY.  Video ads were $24.2mm (97% of spend) with Fox Network, ESPN, and Facebook accounting for 46% of that.

Remy Martin’s increase by 208% YoY to nearly $19 million through November was driven by joining the Super Bowl LVII’s list of alcohol advertisers. TV’s 754% YoY increase to $15mm resulted; $14mm went towards 46 to 60 second ads. Digital media decreased by 6% YoY to below $4mm. Video spend was 93% so far. The cognac brand leaned into paid social with increases seen with Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter). There’s a predicated RFP in February, MediaRadar has recently verified contacts and shows a relationship with Mediahub New York.  

Ketel One USA’s advertising saw an uptick of 47% YoY to nearly $22 million. TV was 86% of that with a 45% YoY bump from 2022 during the same period. Digital spending hovered around $3mm with a 107% YoY increase. Peak integrated spending occurred in April and June for the vodka brand. WE tv, ESPN, and HGTV saw 15% of the $21mm in video dollars through TV, OLV, and OTT. The $3mm of digital spend was placed  50/50 direct and through ad tech. 

Brumate’s $16.7 million 100% digital ad investment through November really kicked off 2023’s last quarter. Prior to October, monthly spending didn’t exceed $85k. The wine accessories brand placed 36 outlets 100% programmatic buys all less than 15 seconds long. YouTube’s Society & Culture Channels, Entertainment & Movies, and Gaming channels alone captured 45% of Brumate’s $16.66 in video ads. Pre-roll placements accounted for 80% of that. 

Jose Cuervo’s $14 million advertising was spiked into TV media, which increased by 278% YoY to over $10.6mm accounting for 73% of the total investment. The tequila brand’s appearance during the Super Bowl LVII Pregame with Fox amped up pro football programming over $8mm. Its TV ads were placed with 10 cable and two broadcast networks including ABC, Bravo, ESPN among others. Drill into the latest TV spots aired as recently as December 20th like the ad featuring UFC official logo and fighters. 

Cayman Jack fueled its ad investment by 1000% YoY compared to 2022 to more than $11 million spent through November this year. Online video captured 88% of that, not surprising as 75% of cocktail/malt beverage advertisers placed video ads. The majority were 10 seconds or less. YouTube’s Music, Society & Culture, and Gaming channels captured half, over $5.5mm. 

Casamigos Tequila was another alcoholic brand that surged by more than 1000% YoY. The ad investment exceeding $10mm was a 51% TV and 49% digital mix. Video ad placement was 94%, Major League Baseball MLB,  TNT, and ESPN which comprised  87% of the $9 million spent towards video. The $4.5mm of OLV dollars was 97% pre-roll. There’s an upcoming April RFP predicted.

Barefoot Cellars went deep into TV media increasing by over 1000% YoY with NFL Pro Football showing its integrated peak spending months in January, October, and November. Placements were made with four cable and four broadcast networks including Fox, ABC, CBS, and ESPN among others. Video spend was 98% through TV, OLV, and OTT with most ads less than 15 seconds for the wine brand. MediaRadar shows an agency relationship with Universal McCann New York.

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