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Snapchat's Year in Review: 3 Big Brands and 4 Advertising Trends

Snapchat’s Year in Review: 3 Big Brands and 4 Advertising Trends

Snapchat started serving ads in 2014. While the growth of the mobile messaging and social media app slowed in March 2017 after going public, Snapchat regained steam, beginning in the fall of 2017. 

Recognizing the key benefits of Snapchat, major brands started jumping on the many different customized and high-CPM ads formats, sponsored lenses, and videos offered by the app. Most brands buying are actively pursuing a young demographic. They are also early adopters.

According to a Digiday article, Grubhub Holdings, Inc. was an early adopter of Snapchat’s gamified ads and sponsored lenses. The online and mobile food-ordering company, which likes to specifically target college students, actually rolled out a retro-styled game for one month that enticed users to play for the chance to win a Grubhub discount. It was called “Food’s Here” and launched on November 6, 2017. It was interested in finding out how long users would play, swipe up, and what actions they would take following the conclusion of the game.GrubHub Snapchat Gamified AdThe BMW Group also used Snapchat’s AR Trial Ads to present a 3-D model of their new BMW X2d. Because the car was in the camera’s field of vision, the advertisement allowed viewers to see the car within their own environment.

and, according to the platform, Bud Light was the first to implement the branded 3D World Lenses, a type of artificial reality lens that allow users to place 3-D avatars into snaps. In 2017, a 3-D Bud Light beer vendor appeared in the Snapchat app at the exact same time as a Bud Light commercial aired on television.

Examples of recent Snapchat data mined by MediaRadar’s technology between January 2018 and June 2018:

  • Looking at Snapchat’s lenses and Discover channel videos, we estimate Snapchat’s ad revenue to be $267mm for the first half of 2018
  • Moving from seventh to fourth place, apparel and accessory companies, such as Ralph Lauren, Guess, and TOMS, are currently the fastest growing product category advertising on Snapchat
  • Advertisers that purchased across the most Discover channels were Adidas and AXE – both of which marketed across over 50 channels

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