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Ads.txt Explained: Who’s Buying In?

In 2017, the conversation surrounding transparency in advertising gained quite a bit of traction, as many brands expressed their distrust in the high levels of fraud surrounding them.

Within that conversation, emerged a new tool, known as Ads.txt.

The idea for something like this had been lingering in the back of the industry’s mind, but never received the proper support to become a reality. This year's intensified conversation surrounding brand safety made it possible, however.

MediaRadar CEO, Todd Krizelman, stated, “The idea for this (ads.txt) has been around for years, but the raft of fraud this year really motivated the industry to get on board - especially for brand-name publishers.”


By backing the use of ads.txt, brand-name publishers are doing their due diligence in keeping the matter top-of-mind.

And while we fully expect the focus on brand safety to intensify, now seems to be the perfect time for publishers to capitalize on these lingering concerns and adopt ads.txt.

Strangely enough, however, it seems to be taking a bit longer than we would've thought.