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[VIDEO] Does Your Conference Networking Elevator Pitch Pass “The Mom Test”?

When you’re at a conference, how can you make the most of your networking?

In order to make valuable connections, it is crucial to make sure that the conversations your prospects have with you are memorable.

To do this, be sure to come to the conference with a strong elevator pitch in mind.

Your elevator pitch is what will drive every new conversation.

In 20-30 seconds, this “speech” should spark interest in your business, describe what your organization does, and communicate a value proposition of your business you feel would be most useful to the prospect you are speaking with.

To ensure the effectiveness of your elevator pitch, be sure to:

  • Practice it. Does it change based on the type of customer or prospect that you’re speaking with?
  • Time it. Make sure it’s no more than 30 seconds in length. 
  • Simplify it. Be sure that your elevator pitch passes the “Mom Test.”

The “Mom Test” is a simple, effective method for making sure that you aren’t over-complicating your pitch.

To conduct this test, simply recite your elevator pitch to your mom!

Keep your message simple.

Be conscious of using industry jargon or terminology that might not be relevant.

Steer clear of clichés and overused phrases.

Does your mom understand the value proposition of what you’re saying?

The “Mom Test” is a great way of making sure you’re being concise and clear about the benefit that your company can offer a prospect or client.